“The coyote disappeared in the orange cloud”…

As I was walking my golden retriever today in a off-leash dog park, my dog was attacked by a full grown pit bull. The pit bull backed off for a second, giving me enough time to pull out my container of pepper power fogger. I aimed at the dogs face from roughly 5 feet and sprayed the dog once and the pit actually went directly to the ground trying to bury his face. After a few minutes the pit bull literally took off into the woods running into trees trying to get away from me. Myself and my retriever would like to thank you for a fantastic product.

Thank you for producing a product that really works!

I have carried a canister of your bear spray for several years now. I trust it more than my Smith & Wesson to keep me and my daughter safe. She worked at Bear River State Park and found it useful against territorial moose and two legged predators.

Where I live, her in Wyoming, your product has been useful for bear, mountain lion, skunks, raccoons, feral dogs and cats. I live on a ranch north of Evanston and ramble in the Uintah Mountains south of here. You never know what you may run into.

Some experienced advice for first time users. When you receive your canister of bear spray, practice outside a few times. Do it in the wind. You may get a whiff yourself, but more important you will know how it works. Just like target shooting with a new gun. Most important – always carry it in the holster provided. I have seen to many folks that carry it in their pack which is inaccessible for use.
Thanks again,  F.H. Latter

Maybe they should call it Bison Spray?

I’ve made several trips to fly fish Yellowstone’s backcountry and always carried UDAP spray as a precaution in case of surprise encounters with bears. In the last week of September 2009 I found that my UDAP spray could also work on the animal that injures more park visitors than any other – bison!

On that late September day a cold front moved in covering much of the park in a light snow, and I spent the day fishing about 4-5 miles up Slough Creek.  Shortly after I started hiking back out I turned and saw a single bull bison emerge from the trees and start following me down the trail.  He was a good 250 yards or so back and it was just a coincidence that we were going the same way, so I did not think much of it.  About a mile on down the trail with the bull still trailing I came over a small hill and saw another bull bison standing just yards off the trail about 150 yards ahead of me.  At about 100 yards away I could see he was agitated, so I yielded the path to circle around behind him making sure I was keeping a good 70-80 yards away.  As I got behind him I lost sight of the first bull but figured Bison-track-and-spraythere would be a good bison fight when he came over the hill and saw the second.  Feeling safe at some 80 yards away, I got behind the one tree in the area and got my camera out to capture the impending fight.  I took a few shots of the second bull, but could not yet see the first.  Then the second bull suddenly turned and started walking away from the direction of the first, which meant he was coming more or less in my direction.  There really was no where for me to go and the branches of the tree were too high to reach, so I dropped my backpack and camera, got my can of spray out and ready, and stayed as much behind he tree as I could.  At 30 yards, just when the bison seemed like he was going to walk right on past, he looked over at me and then turned 90 degrees to his right and charged full speed at me.  With my 7.9 oz can ready, I started spraying when he was about 15-20 yards out.  He disappeared into the orange fog, then he turned 90 degrees to his left and ran some 80 yards wheezing, coughing, and shaking his head, then stopped facing my direction.

bear spray for bisonI then looked to my right and saw that the first bull had come around the hill and was now just to my right some 50-60 yards away.  He looked at me, then looked at the bull I had just sprayed.  The sprayed bull turned away and started running, and the first bull took off after him.  I guess there would be a fight after all, but I was not going to see it.  With some 3 miles or so to go and getting toward dark, I grabbed my gear and set a quick pace on the trail out. 

I’ve always heeded the park warnings to keep at least 25 yards away from the bison, and actually always thought 50-75 seemed smarter. In this case, even 80 yards (I measured it the next day) was not enough.  I reported the incident to Park Rangers who said sometimes those bulls just go nuts.  The bull that charged me would not have been able to knock down the tree I was behind, but I certainly am glad I did not have to have an agility contest with that bull.  Thanks UDAP!
Joel Allen – Minneapolis, MN

…I gave her the shortest burst I could which caused her to retreat…

In coming down an unused road near Jackson , Wyoming , I encountered a moose and her calf. Hiking in this country, moose encounters are not unusual, so I made the usual noise and arm movements and continued slowly toward her. These actions usually cause the moose to slowly retreat, but in this case, she moved purposefully toward me with her ears down. I remembered I had a canister of UDAP Pepper Power® on my belt for defense against a possible bear attack and resolved to use it against this moose if necessary. When she had gotten to within about 30 feet of me, I gave her the shortest burst I could which caused her to retreat and ultimately pass me with her calf as far away as the terrain allowed.

I hear Tara yell, Kyle! The bear is behind you!

My name is Kyle, I’m a forest tech living and working in northern Ontario (Hearst), Canada . I have had more than 1 bear encounter working up here. The only reason I am alive today is because of your product! Last summer (2009) in late July, me and 3 other forestry workers were dropped off at a lake in a remote area, where you can only fly into. We had to portage along a trail only used by hunters, presumably, for about 800m. When we got about 600m along the trail, 2 of my fellow workers had yelled for me and another to come back because there was a black bear on the trail near them. So me and the other worker walked back about 50m to the other 2 guys, and were getting ready to scare it off. So, there were 4 of us, 3 men and 1 woman.

All of us have seen plenty of bears in our lives and felt as though, we could scare it off and we could be on our way. So as we were standing there, watching him come closer, he stood up to a tree and he sniffed the air, also showing us that he was a fairly good size…probably a good 300lbs, close to 7 foot when standing. So we did the whole “whoa bear” and tried to make ourselves look as big as possible…remember, there are 4 of us. So we did that and he wasn’t effected, in fact, he got down from standing up and started to walk closer to us. We grabbed some pots and pans and banged them together, trying to be as loud as possible, then he ran away. Not convinced he was completely gone yet, we just waited for a couple minutes and sure enough, he came back…so we banged the pots and pans again and he ran again.

After maybe 5 minutes, we could see him starting to circle us about 20m away. At this point, we didn’t know what to think besides, we are getting hunted! So after another 5 minutes of him just circling us, he started to walk towards us again. We had bottles of butane and propane for our cooking stoves, not knowing what to do, we thru the cans at the bear! Not sure if it was the best idea, but when we did, he would turn and chase them, giving us milliseconds to relax and try to gather our thoughts on what to do next. After we stopped throwing the couple cans at him, he started walking with his head down, low to the ground, walking slowly towards us…and then the huffing started, he started false charging and swiping at us, and at this time, he was maybe 5m’s away. At that point my fellow worker had my can of bear spray ready and aimed and let er’ go fully into his face! He got covered in it and took off running.

After about 20 minutes and no more signs of him, we set up camp not to far from where this all happened. We didn’t have much of a choice where to set up camp, since the work we had to do was close. The next morning my workers and I were looking at our GPS’s and figuring out where we had to start the work day, when all of a sudden I hear Tara yell, Kyle! The bear is behind you! And I looked over my shoulder and the bear was again, maybe 10m’s away, sneaking up behind me. The worker who had sprayed him the night before was quick enough to grab the can and spray the bear one last time! He went running and we got on into the river and into our canoes as soon as he left.

So thank you for making a product that saved mine and my friend’s lives!  – Kyle

P.S. I have included a picture of me, at the actual spot of where the “bear negotiation” happened.

….by the time the cops got there, the guy was screaming that I should just shoot him….

We took all the precautions you are supposed to in bear country. We had bells, made noise, and stayed on the trail. However, we still surprised a big grizzly sow outside Jackson Hole . With her two cubs behind her, we were way to close. Your spray stopped the bear in her charge. It looked like she hit a wall. The spray saved her life and the lives of my family. I was already starting to bear my trusty lever action .50 Alaskan, but as the spray broke the charge it was not necessary to dispatch the bear. Since that day 5 years ago we ALWAYS carry your product. In fact, each of our family members has their own spray, and we have trained our children on how to use them. We believe in your product. In fact, last summer some idiot decided to carjack our Jeep. I had a choice between my 1911 or the bear spray. As my son was in the Jeep with me the bear spray seemed more appropriate. Let me assure you that by the time the cops got there, the guy was screaming that I should just shoot him. Your product rocks.

Just a simple man who loves his God, his wife, his kids, his country and his dog,

Bear Spray Video Testimonial


On October 17, 2010 I was bow hunting with my father in upstate New York , Our tree stands are about 90 yards away from each other with a clear line of sight to one another. I looked over in his direction and saw him standing with his bow in his hand so I knew he saw something so I then grabbed my bow and got ready. He then announced over the walkie talkie that he had 3 black bear cubs in front of him. Several minutes later the mother was in the picture over by my stand so I put my bow down and picked up my video camera and started filming, the sow came right under my stand and was right underneath me for several minutes until she turned back and headed to her cubs. They headed to my fathers tree stand and were right underneath him. I then see one cub stand up on the ladder to his stand so I radio him and let him know what is going on. The same cub got off the ladder and went to the tree and started to climb up it a quarter of the way and then back down to the ground. The cub did this 2 or 3 times. Knowing he can’t see directly under him I radio to him what the bear is doing. He has his UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray out and ready in fear the sow would catch wind that he is up there and be up the tree in a second to protect her cub. The curious cub then decides to fly up the tree all the way to the base of his tree stand. I radio him and let him know the cub is right under him. He first swings the bear spray at the cub to try and get him away before he would have to spray him. The cub actually swats the can with his paw and continues up the tree. Left with no choice my father sprayed the curious cub and he never lost grip of that tree but slide down extremely fast and took off. This situation could have turned out for the worse if it was not for UDAP bear spray. I must admit my father would always insist that I carry it with me and I never wanted to, but after this hunt rest assure I will never enter the woods again with out it. We went from never seeing a bear while hunting to having a face to face encounter. 

 We would just like to thank UDAP for having an excellent product that works so effectively.


Bear Spray is one serious can of Whoop Ass on pit bull dogs!!

Jan. 06, 2011 Veneta Oregon

I had just let my cat outside for a while when I noticed the neighbors pit bull dog was running loose outside. Fearing for the well being of my cat, I grabbed a can of bear spray I keep at the front door of the house. I went outside to find my cat before it was killed.

In the process of looking for my cat the dog charged across the street at me like a bolt of lightening! Fearing for my own safety I let the dog have a blast of bear spray, hell right up the nose 5 feet away. That dog about tore the pads off his feet stopping and then running away. It did not want to be anywhere near that cloud of bear spray.

The bear spray stopped the attacking dog in its tracks! I would not hesitate to use bear spray again if I need to, it works!!
Kevin Hamby

Thanks for your wonderful product!!!

I have to admit, that over the years I had become a little cavalier regarding bears as we frequently hike, bike and run in the Alaska wilderness so near our home in Anchorage. However, this day I spotted the bear spray on our rack in the garage and threw it in the top netting of my hydration backpack. Probably because I knew our granddaughter was going with us.

My wife, our 6 year old granddaughter, and I were coming back down Bird Ridge in Chugach Park Alaska 6 Sept 2010 . As we dbear spraydescended the ridge suddenly at 20 feet a large sow charged at us out of the bushes. Reflexively we yelled whoa bear and made ourselves large. She turned away at full run, but then reversed course and came at us again full speed, fortunately up a pretty steep grade which gave me an extra second to get the pepper spray out of the pack. I removed the safety and fired, but in the heat of the moment had aimed it toward me. Gave myself a good dose!!! Despite intense pain, adrenalin kept me going, and I turned the spray head at the bear. It was almost a slow-motion dream like feeling as the bear on a dead run came straight at us. The ground shook with her lope and she was breathing heavy. Ears were back and beady eyes were on me. I blasted her full in the face at three to five feet away, but thought “we are done”. Her face turned orange, even her whiskers were coated full and then she turned on a dime, never to be seen again. It was like a miracle and I will not forget that moment as long as I live.bear spray

The hike down the mountain was pretty painful with lots of tearing, sneezing, coughing and skin burning pain, but it was definitely worth all of it. I found that dawn dish-washing liquid 1part to 3 parts water helped remove the oil and stop the pain pretty quickly. I felt fine the next day.

MY heartfelt advice is always carry your bear pepper spray and practice with it before you really need it. Use a bear bell.

Thank you, Thank you!!
Randy and Irene and Ashley