pepper spray

“All three bears charged me from about 40 yards out…”

On October 6, 1999, while bowhunting in SW Montana, I startled 3 large grizzlies, a sow and two nearly mature cubs. All three bears charged me from about 40 yards out, closing the distance between us to less than 10 yards in little more than a second. The leading sow continued her charge, head down, ears back, without breaking stride while the two others hung up slightly behind her. I was carrying the 260 gram size of UDAP Bear spray on my right hip with the hood off and stowed as recommended in your literature. I blasted a cloud out between us as quickly as I could. Although by this time she was only 20 feet away, a cross breeze dissipated the oily, orange mist. I let her have it again at 10-12 feet and discharged a final burst at 7-8 feet.The last burst nailed her square in the face and she stopped cold. The angry bear then popped her jowls, shook her massive head about and bolted over the rise from which I had just approached. The two others followed right on her heels. Although the sow was fiercely determined to attack me, I was able to effectively fend her off with no permanent injury to either of us. When I first moved to grizzly country I carried a .357 magnum loaded with 180 grain cast core hunting rounds for backcountry safety. I decided to switch to UDAP pepper spray after reading numerous personal testimonies on your web site and I’m glad I did. Even though I carry the largest can currently available, it’s still a weight savings of well over 2 pounds compared to my heavy pistol. It’s non lethal which supports my own personal ethics as well as faster and easier to deploy than a firearm, especially under extreme duress. When not in the field my new found guardian now lives on my night stand for personal home security. I sleep very well indeed.

Thanks for creating such a valuable and ecologically conscious product. Your efforts are truly saving lives, and not just human!

Eric Burge,    Bozeman, MT

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