pepper spray

“Bad bear; go home!”

Dear Mark,

As a recent survivor of a close encounter with a brown bear, I believe I owe you a testimonial.

During the first day of silver salmon fishing in Yakitat, Alaska, our party heard several stories about a “large” brown bear chasing fisherman. Sadly, after being chased, one unfortunate fisherman made it back to his van, only to die of a heart attack.

pepper sprayThe next day was our turn. The bear came out on a bar on the Situk River, but ten or so fisherman, several in a boat, dissuaded him from frightening them out of their fish. So, the bear waded up the river to where our party of four vacated only minutes before. Smelling the fish we carried, the bear climbed the bank and loped up the wet and narrow trail we had taken for 100 yards or so through the thick brush. As the only (black) bear hunter in the group, I had little fear of “wild” bears, but great fear of “friendly” bears. Therefore, I carried the only can of UDAP Pepper Power® Bear Deterrent available at our Lodge.

Just before we came to an opening on the trail, the bear closed in on the last man in our party. At that point, I took a position behind my friend, let the bear come to about 15 feet, and while asserting “Bad bear; go home!” hit the trigger. To our great relief, the Bear turned “inside out” reversing course and disappearing into the brush. At that point, we beat a hasty retreat back to our van.

Count on us as Life-long converts to UDAP Pepper Power® products.

Sheldon Smith & Friends

Appreciatively, Sheldon Smith

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