Bear Spray Video Testimonial


On October 17, 2010 I was bow hunting with my father in upstate New York , Our tree stands are about 90 yards away from each other with a clear line of sight to one another. I looked over in his direction and saw him standing with his bow in his hand so I knew he saw something so I then grabbed my bow and got ready. He then announced over the walkie talkie that he had 3 black bear cubs in front of him. Several minutes later the mother was in the picture over by my stand so I put my bow down and picked up my video camera and started filming, the sow came right under my stand and was right underneath me for several minutes until she turned back and headed to her cubs. They headed to my fathers tree stand and were right underneath him. I then see one cub stand up on the ladder to his stand so I radio him and let him know what is going on. The same cub got off the ladder and went to the tree and started to climb up it a quarter of the way and then back down to the ground. The cub did this 2 or 3 times. Knowing he can’t see directly under him I radio to him what the bear is doing. He has his UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray out and ready in fear the sow would catch wind that he is up there and be up the tree in a second to protect her cub. The curious cub then decides to fly up the tree all the way to the base of his tree stand. I radio him and let him know the cub is right under him. He first swings the bear spray at the cub to try and get him away before he would have to spray him. The cub actually swats the can with his paw and continues up the tree. Left with no choice my father sprayed the curious cub and he never lost grip of that tree but slide down extremely fast and took off. This situation could have turned out for the worse if it was not for UDAP bear spray. I must admit my father would always insist that I carry it with me and I never wanted to, but after this hunt rest assure I will never enter the woods again with out it. We went from never seeing a bear while hunting to having a face to face encounter. 

 We would just like to thank UDAP for having an excellent product that works so effectively.


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