bear spray

“…Fourth of July Bear Charge…”

Michelle and I were talking and making noise on the trail when we heard a loud huffing sound from the wooded area to our right. Michelle said to me, “Matt, get out your bear spray.” I was carrying the UDAP Bear Deterrent Spray in its holster on my hip and had previously test fired it, as per the recommendation in the instructions. The bear was a sow grizzly bear weighing approximately 500 pounds with a cub approximately 100 pounds. Both came charging out of the woods directly at us, with the female emitting deep guttural huffing sounds and appearing highly agitated. Both bears were less than 8 feet away when I sprayed them, hitting the female with an arc of the spray. There was an immediate, adverse reaction. Both bears veered off and up on the trail above our position, then into the trees on the opposite side of the trail away from us.


My heartfelt thanks in developing such an exceptional and well-designed product. – Matt Magliaro

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