Bear Spray

“…I turned around and saw what the bear was really going after, my heart almost stopped…”

My family and I were camping at the Russian River campground on the Kenai Peninsula Alaska when we heard some rustling of bushes Bear Sprayabout 30 feet away. I figured that we were relatively safe since the grizzlies were down at the river fishing for salmon.  I got up, told every one to stay put and with my bear spray in hand, went to see what it was. When I reached the top of the edge of our campsite I surprised to see a medium sized 185-200 pound black bear coming up the hill towards me. She was trying to get into our site but I was blocking her path. She stopped about 15 feet from me and started thrashing at the bushes for about 10 seconds when she just stopped and stared at me then made a charge that was faster than I believed was possible.  I gave the bear a quick 1 second spray and instantly, the bear spun and headed the opposite direction.  My heart was already pounding and when I turned around and saw what the bear was really going after, my heart almost stopped. My 5 year old daughter had decided to join me to see what the noise was. That was what the bear was charging at.  I kept an eye on her until she was out of sight and she never returned.

<span”>I thank you for your product, without it I’m afraid to think what could have happened without it. I don’t enter the woods without it. Period.

 Eric Toney

 P.S. My daughter and I have had long conversations about bear safety prior to and definitely after this encounter

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