bear spray

…”I was shocked at how well it worked”…

I bought the bear spray from Cal-Ranch this spring and never thought I would use it.  I’d only seen a bear in the wild a few times in my life, and the bears were never aggressive in the least.  However, I was so glad that I bought the spray when it saved my life last week.

I was bowhunting for deer in McCall, Idaho and suddenly saw a flash of bear fur in the bush next to the trail I was on.  I quickly nocked an arrow (I had a tag to shoot a bear) and got ready to shoot.  Suddenly the bear burst out of the bush only 4-5 feet away from me up a steep hill.  I got ready to shoot, but realized that the bear was just a cub.  I stepped a few feet back and reached frantically for the pepper spray on my side.  I was scared because I knew that–wherever there’s a cub–a sow is nearby.  Just as I pulled the safety clip off of the bear spray attached to my belt, the sow came up right behind the cub.  I can only assume that the sow thought I was threatening the cub, because it was immediately VERY aggressive.  I instinctively pushed the trigger on my bear spray with the bear only 6-7 feet away and moving towards me.  The INSTANT I pushed the trigger, the orange spray shot out at the bears and they both the cub and sow ran away into the underbrush.  I was shocked at how well it worked.

I just wanted to let you know that you have a loyal customer.  What I was sure I’d never need was a valuable safeguard in an unexpected situation.
Jim Harmer – Idaho

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