pepper spray

…”I will never be in the woods without it”…

Three days ago (8-9-08) I was biking up a Bernie’s Trail out of Hidden Lake campground near Cooper Landing, AK with my beagle Daphney. We had stopped at an overlook where I was resting and Daphney began to sniff around. About 40-50 feet into the woods Daph began to bey. I called, knowing what it meant, but barking quickly became yipping. When reaching the scene I saw a 300-350 lb. black bear over her. I burst the spray from about 15 ft. The bear was effected but had the presence to snatch up Daph before fleeing. Most certainly wrong, I impulsively chose to pursue. If Daphney was alive or not I could not stand the thought of that bear making a meal of my family member. I found the two about a 1/4 mile down through the woods, the bear standing over Daph looking at her. I ran up and blasted the bear from about 8 ft. It treed, about 15′ up a large cotton wood, right above the dog. After about a 5 minute standoff and another couple shots from the pepper the bear fled, leaving me with my nearly lifeless dog. Daphney did not make it, but we do get to respectfully lay our family member to rest. That bear takes away from this an enhanced respect for, and increased apprehension of humans and the and the pets that accompany them. I realize that the pepper spray is not intended as an offensive weapon. But it did drive the bear off of its potential meal. That makes me feel all the more better about having it along as an emergency defense. I will never be in the woods without it again
Scott Griebel – Soldotna, AK

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