bear spray

“…It wasn’t my .44, that I pulled out, it was my can of UDAP…”

My Name is Matt Vermillion, I spend my summers in Chinitna Bay in Lake Clark National Park as a bear viewing guide. This summer I saw first hand the power of bear sprayUDAP Pepper Spray. We were having trouble with the bear you see pictured, You see he was extremely curious of us early in the season, Which gradually grew into him advancing upon us while on the trail, Talking him down and air horns did work the first couple of times we met this bear, Then one day we were viewing this bear along with several others. The bears were grazing and the trouble bear started grazing directly toward us,, as he had done several times before. At this point the bear was still advancing while we were talking to him, advancing at a very slow pace, just creeping up on us, When talking firmly didn’t work, It wasn’t my .44 you see me holding that I pulled out, But my newly acquired can of UDAP, I sprayed the bear when he was no more than 5 feet from us, I was praying silently to myself that this stuff was gonna work, I would never want to kill a bear for him acting naturally in his habitat unless all else failed, To my relief and amazement the bear immediately turned and ran full speed in the opposite direction with little more that a brief puff of spray to the face, About 20 minutes later we were back at camp after leaving the area, and I saw the bear with our scope, still rubbing his eyes and face ,,the spray was still effecting him half an hour after i sprayed him. I was convinced after that of the power of UDAP. The picture of the bear you see was a matter of seconds before we sprayed him, looking back at the picture i can see the look in that bears eye, looking right at me, UDAP gave me the option of not having to kill a bear, and to not have that bear get rowdy with me our staff and our guest, Thanks UDAP!
Sincerely, Matt Vermillion

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