pepper spray

Richard Romano and the can that stopped the attack.

“…The bear went straight up into the air and fell over backwards…”

On September 1, 2000, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I was riding my big buckskin horse near Daly Creek In Yellowstone National Park. It was a cold and rainy late summer day. I rode for about two hours, stopping every once and a while to glass the area for game. I decided to stop for lunch, and as I was riding down to a spot near the creek, I looked over the area really good. I hobbled my horse and sat down against a tree. I was halfway through my sandwich when my horse started snorting. Since I raised this horse, I knew his mannerisms and recognized that something was wrong. I caught a glimpse of movement on my left and when I turned my head, staring at me from four feet away was a big grizzly bear. I knew I wasn’t going to sit there and die. I started to get up, but the heel of my shoe snagged on my rain pants and I fell forward towards the bear. What happened next was fast and furious. The grizzly bear grabbed my shirt with his teeth and ripped it apart. As I began to stand up the bear hit me with his paw right in the chest, slamming me face first into a tree, cutting my face and breaking my glasses. Lying there on my back, I grabbed my UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray. By this time, the bear was standing over me with his mouth wide open ready to take a bite out of me. I shoved the can in his mouth and pushed the trigger, sending a blast of hot spray down the bear’s throat. The bear went straight up into the air and fell over backwards coughing and choking. There’s no doubt if I hadn’t had the pepper spray produced by UDAP, I wouldn’t be here. Thanks for making a life-saving product. 

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