pepper spray

“…superior to a firearm in several ways…”

had the opportunity to use your product (225g canister) against an aggressive black bear in Yosemite last summer.  Though it is impossible to know what would have happened without your  UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray, I believe that having it on hand saved my life.  Here’s what happened:

I awoke to the sound of breaking branches and claws on tree bark on our first night of a John Muir Trail through-hike.  I woke my friend and we ran over to our counter-balanced food bags and, sure enough, there was a medium-sized, 200 lb. bear sitting on the tree limb pulling up our food bags using the hanging rope.  Yosemite bears are notoriously clever!  We tried everything we could to scare the bear out of the tree including shining our flashlights, throwing rocks and yelling at the top of our lungs.

Getting frustrated and losing our food fast – this bear actually bit through and ate a can of chili – I instead hit the food bags with a rock, knocking them out of the tree.  Bad idea!  (You know what they say about getting between a bear and its food!)

The bear hissed and ran down the tree, charging at us the moment he hit the ground.  When I pressed the canister trigger, a large cloud of  UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray washed over the snout of the charging bear at about 6-8 feet.  He was turned back instantly, regrouped by the tree and charged again.  I sprayed him again, this time at maybe 15-20 feet and stopped him once again.  The bear left the area at which point we collected our food and returned to camp.

Again, thanks for your product.  I think it is superior to a firearm in several ways.  First, it works!  Pepper spray is noxious enough to thwart large bears.  Second, it is difficult to miss your target.  Third, it is very lightweight compared to a gun.  Fourth, no permanent harm is done to the bear.  In fact, some fear of humans may be restored to aggressive bears.  I think in areas like Yosemite, which do not allow hunting, and have tremendous problems with human-food habituated bears; the rangers should consider requiring all hikers to carry pepper spray.

Thanks again,
Scott Yang

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