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Thanks for your wonderful product!!!

I have to admit, that over the years I had become a little cavalier regarding bears as we frequently hike, bike and run in the Alaska wilderness so near our home in Anchorage. However, this day I spotted the bear spray on our rack in the garage and threw it in the top netting of my hydration backpack. Probably because I knew our granddaughter was going with us.

My wife, our 6 year old granddaughter, and I were coming back down Bird Ridge in Chugach Park Alaska 6 Sept 2010 . As we dbear spraydescended the ridge suddenly at 20 feet a large sow charged at us out of the bushes. Reflexively we yelled whoa bear and made ourselves large. She turned away at full run, but then reversed course and came at us again full speed, fortunately up a pretty steep grade which gave me an extra second to get the pepper spray out of the pack. I removed the safety and fired, but in the heat of the moment had aimed it toward me. Gave myself a good dose!!! Despite intense pain, adrenalin kept me going, and I turned the spray head at the bear. It was almost a slow-motion dream like feeling as the bear on a dead run came straight at us. The ground shook with her lope and she was breathing heavy. Ears were back and beady eyes were on me. I blasted her full in the face at three to five feet away, but thought “we are done”. Her face turned orange, even her whiskers were coated full and then she turned on a dime, never to be seen again. It was like a miracle and I will not forget that moment as long as I live.bear spray

The hike down the mountain was pretty painful with lots of tearing, sneezing, coughing and skin burning pain, but it was definitely worth all of it. I found that dawn dish-washing liquid 1part to 3 parts water helped remove the oil and stop the pain pretty quickly. I felt fine the next day.

MY heartfelt advice is always carry your bear pepper spray and practice with it before you really need it. Use a bear bell.

Thank you, Thank you!!
Randy and Irene and Ashley

Randy, Irene and Ashley
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