bear spray

“…At this point, we looked at each other with “He CAN’T be!!!” looks…”

….An approximately 175 pound frosting footed bear was, at that instant, re-entering our bedroom door for more!!! Charles was face-to-face about 4 feet from the bear. Aiming the UDAP spray directly in the bear’s face that bear got the rudest welcome he’d ever had… or, obviously, ever WANTS to have!! In a cloud of orange agony, the bear basically PIVOTED mid-air endeavoring to exit out the door as fast as he could – to escape that noxious spray, making frantic gagging, and coughing-type noises. He leapt up the hill about where he stopped, head down – obviously trying to catch his breath before he could go on. Charles, however, was right on his path, yelling and emptying the can on him. The bear took one look at his tormentor (the can of spray, that is!) and took off again up the hill…..

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“…one squirt convinced him to leave the trail…”

bear spray

bear spray

We were recently hiking on the Grinnell Glacier Trail in Glacier National Park when this young grizzly came down the trail directly in front of us. Fortunately there were 3 of us with pepper spray and one squirt convinced him to leave the trail. It could have been a very different outcome if we had not had the spray!?

Doug Steakley

Doug Steakle
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