Bear Spray is one serious can of Whoop Ass on pit bull dogs!!

Jan. 06, 2011 Veneta Oregon

I had just let my cat outside for a while when I noticed the neighbors pit bull dog was running loose outside. Fearing for the well being of my cat, I grabbed a can of bear spray I keep at the front door of the house. I went outside to find my cat before it was killed.

In the process of looking for my cat the dog charged across the street at me like a bolt of lightening! Fearing for my own safety I let the dog have a blast of bear spray, hell right up the nose 5 feet away. That dog about tore the pads off his feet stopping and then running away. It did not want to be anywhere near that cloud of bear spray.

The bear spray stopped the attacking dog in its tracks! I would not hesitate to use bear spray again if I need to, it works!!
Kevin Hamby

Jeff Sturges Minnestoa
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