bear spray

Thank you for producing a product that really works!

I have carried a canister of your bear spray for several years now. I trust it more than my Smith & Wesson to keep me and my daughter safe. She worked at Bear River State Park and found it useful against territorial moose and two legged predators.

Where I live, her in Wyoming, your product has been useful for bear, mountain lion, skunks, raccoons, feral dogs and cats. I live on a ranch north of Evanston and ramble in the Uintah Mountains south of here. You never know what you may run into.

Some experienced advice for first time users. When you receive your canister of bear spray, practice outside a few times. Do it in the wind. You may get a whiff yourself, but more important you will know how it works. Just like target shooting with a new gun. Most important – always carry it in the holster provided. I have seen to many folks that carry it in their pack which is inaccessible for use.
Thanks again,  F.H. Latter

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