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My UDAP Story

I got my first can of UDAP spray on a visit to Mark’s ranch outside Bozeman MT.  I did a days work on the ranch & some time preparing the cans for shipping.  At the end of the day he fed me and my buddy well and we dove into his very cold little pond.  I took a can of bear spray as payment.

Since then, over the years I’ve owned 7 or 8 cans of UDAP bear spray.  I’ve only used it once in self-defense.  The target was a Scottsdale AZ Bear (that means a young wealthy guy driving a hummer and having road rage on the freeway).

For some reason the guy was dodging around me on the freeway.  I or someone must have done something to set him off?  So I took the next exit ramp, planning to wait for the light & get back on and never see him again. He followed me to the red light and exited his Hummer & approached my Corolla.  I cracked the window to see what his issue was.  He promptly spit at my face and landed a good lugie in my left eye and while yelling & threating me punched the window so hard I can’t believe it didn’t break. I reached for my can of UDAP spray with my right hand (across my lap) by the time I came up he had retreated several feet.  However he was still wielding something in his hand.  Could have been a Tazer or firearm or pepper spray or who knows.  I couldn’t tell with the spit in my eye. I opened the car door & took a good 1 sec spray to the head.  He retreated   to the open door of his hummer.  The window was open so when his head popped up I got off another 1 or 2 sec blast. The light turned green as I got back in my car & I drove away.

The bottom line , Thank God I had a non lethal alternative , option B was 40 CAL SW side arm.

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