bear spray

“The bears saw me at about the same time I saw them…”

While hiking in Grand Teton National Park near Bradley Lake , I suddenly came upon a black bear sow and two cubs.  This occurred at the top of a knoll. The sow and cubs were partially hidden in some undergrowth. The bears saw me at about the same time I saw them. The cubs immediately ran away and down a slight hill.           The sow, which I would estimate at weighing about 300 lbs, growled and ran toward me. She stopped about 10 feet away, lowered her head, and began swing it from side.

I was carrying trekking poles, and threw them down in front of her as a distraction. I slowly backed away. She stepped over the poles and followed me for several yards. She continued to follow me for several more yards as I backed away (about 50 yards in all).  At this point, I brought out my container of UDAP and fired a short burst at her face.  This was from about 10 feet. The sow shook her head and seemed distracted.  I immediately put more distance between us.  When I turned around, she was gone.

I am very glad I was carrying a container of UDAP that morning.  I believe it saved me from physical harm as well as several other hikers who were not carrying any protection. I want you to know that your product worked very well.  Thanks again and be assured that I will always carry UDAP when I am hiking in bear country and will tell others to do the same.

Cordially,   Garry Lineback

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