pepper spray

“The fog acted like a brick wall…”

We were only about 20 feet from the tent when I heard the cubs squall and scamper away. Suddenly, I heard popping teeth and a deep “Woof” from the other side of the tent. Out from behind the tent charged a very upset bear heading in our direction. I was leading the group and to our luck was carrying your bear spray on my belt. I carried the canister such that I could flip off the safety and fire without having to remove it from the holster. This can of bear deterrent had been with me for three years and had never been fired, until now. A fog of the pepper spray zipped out towards a point somewhere between the bear and me. The fog acted like a brick wall — as the bear hit the fog she stopped dead, turned inside out and sped away like a scolded dog.

My camp partners stared in disbelief. Our rifles were slung on our shoulders and we were not prepared to shoot a bear. We had just avoided an ugly incident, and probably days in the hospital or even worse. My partners vowed never to go into bear country again without a can of UDAP Pepper Power® on their belts. Thanks for a great safety product!

Thanks, Fred R. Woods,  Executive Producer, Northwest Hunter Television Program

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