bear spray

UDAP bear spray showed me results…

ver the last 10 years, I have had the rare and unique opportunity to work up close and personal with some of the world’s most dangerous animals.  The jobs have ranged from being a wildlife rehabilitator to an animal trainer, where everyday required working with or near very unpredictable creatures.  I have worked with 100’s of bears, both wild and captive, and can honestly say that bears have charged me over 30 times.  Bear spray has become a necessity, a piece of equipment that I depend on for life and death situations.

I have used several products; some working more effectively than others but UDAP bear spray showed me the results that gave me a peace of mind. Over the years, charge after charge, I have watched UDAP stop bears like a brick wall, saving my life several times.  When the spray is deployed the bear stops dead in their tracks wanting nothing more than to go the opposite direction as fast as it physically can. UDAP is the ultimate in safety for dealing with these unique and dangerous situations

When it comes to choosing a right hand man, the only product that I can say has worked with results I depend on 100% of the time is UDAP bear spray EPA Reg. No. 71920-1-72007.

President, Montana Grizzly Encounter

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