bear spray

“…We found security in being protected by UDAP…”

Being a wildlife filmmaker requires getting up close to some of the worlds most dangerous animals.  In 2005, our crew spent 3 months in some of southern Africa’s wildest places, spending great deal of our time filming creatures notorious of being man-killers.  Giant elephant bulls, cape buffalo, lions, leopard, and hippo just to name a few.  Over that time we had many life threatening encounters.  We had a pride of lions kill a waterbuck 10 feet outside our tent one night.  We had an insane buffalo bull ram our truck full tilt.  We were charged by angry elephants a dozen times.  During all of these encounters we found security in being protected by UDAP bear spray.  Our countless positive experiences with this product made it our ONLY choice, opting to leave the rifle at home.  Thank you for a wonderful non-lethal alternative of protection to allow us to film some of the most incredible things on earth.  So next time I am up close to Africa’s big five, I will have my UDAP Big Mama.
Thank you,  The Crew of Untamed

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