bear spray

“When I looked up, there was a sow grizzly charging hard…”

Thanks UDAP, you saved me!  I was mountain biking up Tepee Creek just north of Yellowstone Park when I had a run in with a sow and two cubs.  I was almost to the ridge between Tepee and Buffalo Horn, when I heard a repeating grunting sound.  When I looked up, there was a sow grizzly charging hard at about 25 yards with two yearling cubs at her heals.  I jumped off my bike, and went for my UDAP spray in my Camelback.  Thank god, she bluffed me once.  She came within one stride of me and started to loop around before I could even get my hands on my spray.  She made about a 30-foot loop, which gave me just enough time to get my spray and have it ready.  When she came back at me, I let her have it in the face at about 10 feet.  She stopped dead in her tracks, turned, and ran.  I am almost sure I wouldn’t be writing this to you if it weren’t for your spray.
Thanks again, you have a great product! –  Ben Macht

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