Back Attack Pack

Bear Back Attack Pack

Protect your backside! UDAP offers the first revolutionary change in bear spray delivery in 20-years! The Back Attack Pack™.

Being prepared in bear country can be the difference between life and death. And now, you can stay safer than ever before!

UDAP Bear Spray’s Back Attack Pack™ allows you to protect yourself from unexpected charges from behind, AND even when you’re pinned on the ground. Yes, you still have a line of defense!

Produced by a grizzly bear attack survivor, this product is a must-have. To be used in addition with UDAP bear sprays as a backup only.


Bear Back Attack Pack

Step 1: Pull downward on the orange shoulder strap cover to expose the spray-release ball.

Bear Back Attack Pack

Step 2: To engage the bear spray, pull the spray-release ball at desired increments or for continuous fog.

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If charged by a bear while walking or standing, stay upright or slightly lean backward to optimize the direction of the bear spray. Pull the spray-release ball for a short burst, or a continuous fog of spray toward the approaching bear. Continue until bear flees.


While kneeling, stay upright, or slightly lean backward, to directly focus the bear spray towards the approaching bear. Continue until it retreats.

While on the ground

When attacked in prone position, pull the spray-release ball when the bear is over top of the back pack. This will focus the bear spray toward the bear’s head. Sway side-to-side to maximize the spray coverage area until the bear leaves.


  • Fits All UDAP Bear Sprays

  • Includes FREE Bear Safety Tips Booklet

  • Available In Safety Orange & Camouflage Colors

#BAP Back Attack Pack™ Safety Orange.

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#BAPC Back Attack Pack™ Camouflage.

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