Back Attack Pack

Bear Back Attack Pack

Protect your backside! UDAP offers the first revolutionary change in bear spray delivery in 20-years! The Back Attack Pack™.

Being prepared in bear country can be the difference between life and death. And now, you can stay safer than ever before!

UDAP Bear Spray’s Back Attack Pack™ allows you to protect yourself from unexpected charges from behind, AND even when you’re pinned on the ground. Yes, you still have a line of defense!

Produced by a grizzly bear attack survivor, this product is a must-have. To be used in addition with UDAP bear sprays as a backup only.


Bear Back Attack Pack

Step 1: Pull downward on the orange shoulder strap cover to expose the spray-release ball.

Bear Back Attack Pack

Step 2: To engage the bear spray, pull the spray-release ball at desired increments or for continuous fog.

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