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Mark Matheny Bear Attack Survivor

Stories from Actual Encounters with Bears

Motivated to be the best!

…it can mean the difference between Life ………. and Death

Because of his own experience, Mark obviously put a lot of forethought into his product because he knows it can mean the difference between life and death. Mark has studied every little detail to make his product functional and reliable. Please Click Here For Marks Full Story

Testimonials for 2014

bear repellant

Jeff Sturges – Minnesota

As I was walking my golden retriever today in a off-leash dog park, my dog was attacked by a full grown pit bull. The pit bull backed off for a second, giving me enough time to pull out my container of pepper power fogger. I aimed at the dogs face from roughly 5 feet and sprayed the dog once and the pit actually went directly to the ground trying to bury his face. After a few minutes the pit bull literally took off into the woods running into trees trying to get away from me. Myself and my retriever would like to thank you for a fantastic product.

Jeff Sturges - Minnesota
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“…The bear reached under the SUV from various places in an attempt to reach the kids …”

I visited Glacier Park earlier this year with my wife and child. I was driving East on Going to the Sun Road, when I saw three young children hurriedly bear spraycoming out of the woods towards an SUV parked in a pullout. Behind the children, I saw a man with no shirt on waving his shirt in the air. As I pulled the car over to see what was happening, I could see that the man was using his shirt to try and stop the forward approach of a black bear. I pulled over. The man tried to get the door open, but apparently could not do it quickly with the bear on his heels. He helped his three kids get under the SUV, and continued to try and distract the bear with his shirt. The bear reached under the SUV from various places in an attempt to reach the kids under the SUV. I had two cans of #15 UDAP bear spray in the car, one for me and one for my wife that we take hiking. I figured, that it may be necessary to distract the bear away from these kids. As I approached, after some yelling and with another car approaching the bear became distracted and moved away from the SUV, allowing the man and his kids to get into the safety of their automobile. The bear decided to follow me as I went back to my car, and when it started running at me, I sprayed it with a short burst from 15-20 feet away. The bear, apparently startled from the noise, sight and feel of the spray, jumped to the side and into the woods. The windy conditions caused me to take some of the spray also (strong stuff indeed), but I prefer a bit of spray to a potential wrestle with the bear. I have included photos of the bear and do not mind if you post them on your website. According to the National Park Services news release on this incident, this was a 185 pound black bear not known to have acted aggressively in the past. He did not respond to aversive conditioning techniques and because of this bear sprayunfortunate event it was determined that the bear would have to be killed, which he was the next day. I cannot say for sure, but it is my feeling that this whole situation could have been avoided by regular bear-area precautions such as making noise, and if needed, the use of the bear spray when contact was first made with the bear. This bear definitely did not want anything to do with the spray. I enjoy seeing bears and feel that without them, the environment would be a much-less fulfilling place. I appreciate that in many situations bear spray allows a bear attack or confrontation to end with both man and bear’s survival. Thanks for a great product. – Chad Adams


Chad Adams

Testimonials for 2013

bear spray

Thanks for saving my butt and my Thanksgiving dinner.

I have carried bear spray since I first saw it at the Western Washington State fair in 1998, but until 2 years ago, I only carried it when I was hiking or camping in bear country.  2 years ago while walking my dogs near where I was living, a stray attacked one of my dogs and cut him up quite badly.  Since then I always have my bear spray with me whenever I take the dogs out also. On the evening of the 25th of November I walked to the grocery store and on my way home I was approached my 2 young men, One pulled a gun and asked for my groceries the other asked for my wallet.

Fortunately I was wearing my dog walking coat which held a can of UDAP Bear spray.  I handed the guy with the gun my groceries and then reached into my coat to get my wallet, or so they thought.  Instead I popped the safety clip on the can as I was pulling it out as it cleared the pocket I was able to unleash the spray.  The range was just over 2 arm lengths so the spray didn’t have a chance to spread out but it was enough to make the guy with the gun drop his gun as he fell into the gutter. The second individual was a little farther away but close enough to get a good dose with just a little flick of my wrist.

He also hit the ground dropping the gun that he had been hiding behind his back.  I was able then to kick both guns away from them without any problem.           When they tried to get up a second short burst convinced them that staying on the ground was a good idea.

When the Police arrived they called the fire Department to hose the 2 down prior to hauling them off to jail.  (it was 22 degrees).  Both individuals are currently being held for trial they were denied bail.  I did have to toss some of the food out because it was covered with the spray even through the plastic bag and containers protected it.  Also because of the closeness of the encounter I did get some spray on my cloths and hands…. Word of advice here, Don’t forget to wash your hands after using your bear spray, because it really hurts when you rub your eyes if you don’t.

It is also a good to practice popping the safety off the can beforehand.  I have used practice cans of bear spray for that and when a can expires I take it out to the middle of nowhere and practice using it.  Because of this practice time I was able to deploy the spray without even really thinking about it.  I really like the fact that even at such a short distance I was able to take out both with just a little side to side flick of the wrist I was able to take out both attackers.  I am also very glad that nobody died and I don’t have to deal with the psychological trauma of killing someone.

People say they carry a gun for protection but think about it…We know people can continue to shoot after they have been shot but with a good quick dose of bear spray they are down and out and if they could shoot they couldn’t see to shoot you. Also with the spray there is a lot less paperwork and grief.  One other thing, at close range and with the good dispersal rate I wouldn’t aim directly for the face, especially with the bigger cans because the pressure could probably do some real damage to someone’s eyes.  But that is just me.
LeRoy Barnes.

Testimonials for 2012

bear repellant

My UDAP Story

I got my first can of UDAP spray on a visit to Mark’s ranch outside Bozeman MT.  I did a days work on the ranch & some time preparing the cans for shipping.  At the end of the day he fed me and my buddy well and we dove into his very cold little pond.  I took a can of bear spray as payment.

Since then, over the years I’ve owned 7 or 8 cans of UDAP bear spray.  I’ve only used it once in self-defense.  The target was a Scottsdale AZ Bear (that means a young wealthy guy driving a hummer and having road rage on the freeway).

For some reason the guy was dodging around me on the freeway.  I or someone must have done something to set him off?  So I took the next exit ramp, planning to wait for the light & get back on and never see him again. He followed me to the red light and exited his Hummer & approached my Corolla.  I cracked the window to see what his issue was.  He promptly spit at my face and landed a good lugie in my left eye and while yelling & threating me punched the window so hard I can’t believe it didn’t break. I reached for my can of UDAP spray with my right hand (across my lap) by the time I came up he had retreated several feet.  However he was still wielding something in his hand.  Could have been a Tazer or firearm or pepper spray or who knows.  I couldn’t tell with the spit in my eye. I opened the car door & took a good 1 sec spray to the head.  He retreated   to the open door of his hummer.  The window was open so when his head popped up I got off another 1 or 2 sec blast. The light turned green as I got back in my car & I drove away.

The bottom line , Thank God I had a non lethal alternative , option B was 40 CAL SW side arm.

Craig's Story
bear spray

Without the bear spray, one or both of us would have been seriously injured…

I wanted to thank you for making UDAP bear spray.   My husband and I had an encounter with a male grizzly bear last fall.  Without the bear spray, one or both of us would have been seriously injured.  We were fishing at Brooks Lake above Dubois, WY.  We were only a 15 minute walk from our vehicle and could see the parking lot from our fishing spot.   We had been fishing a point out on the lake for about an hour when we notice the willows moving.  Then a bear’s head popped out.  We backed up slowly, removed the safety from our spray and didn’t make eye contact with the bear.  He went back into the willows and we began packing up our gear.   All of a sudden he popped up behind me and stood up on his rear legs.   He began making a huffing sound. Without thinking I raised my arm and sprayed a good shot of UDAP.  He dropped to the ground and crawled off.  We were able to make it safely back to our vehicle and watched for him to appear out of the willows. He walked around for a few seconds then jumped onto the lake and started to swim.   I wanted to let people know the spray works and is easy to use.           I will always take it with me when I am in bear country.  Thanks for making this product.  Without it I would never feel safe going back to Brooks Lake.

Testimonials for 2011

bear repellant

“The coyote disappeared in the orange cloud”…

As I was walking my golden retriever today in a off-leash dog park, my dog was attacked by a full grown pit bull. The pit bull backed off for a second, giving me enough time to pull out my container of pepper power fogger. I aimed at the dogs face from roughly 5 feet and sprayed the dog once and the pit actually went directly to the ground trying to bury his face. After a few minutes the pit bull literally took off into the woods running into trees trying to get away from me. Myself and my retriever would like to thank you for a fantastic product.

Richard and Andy the Scottie
bear spray

Thank you for producing a product that really works!

I have carried a canister of your bear spray for several years now. I trust it more than my Smith & Wesson to keep me and my daughter safe. She worked at Bear River State Park and found it useful against territorial moose and two legged predators.

Where I live, her in Wyoming, your product has been useful for bear, mountain lion, skunks, raccoons, feral dogs and cats. I live on a ranch north of Evanston and ramble in the Uintah Mountains south of here. You never know what you may run into.

Some experienced advice for first time users. When you receive your canister of bear spray, practice outside a few times. Do it in the wind. You may get a whiff yourself, but more important you will know how it works. Just like target shooting with a new gun. Most important – always carry it in the holster provided. I have seen to many folks that carry it in their pack which is inaccessible for use.
Thanks again,  F.H. Latter

bear spray

Maybe they should call it Bison Spray?

I’ve made several trips to fly fish Yellowstone’s backcountry and always carried UDAP spray as a precaution in case of surprise encounters with bears. In the last week of September 2009 I found that my UDAP spray could also work on the animal that injures more park visitors than any other – bison!

On that late September day a cold front moved in covering much of the park in a light snow, and I spent the day fishing about 4-5 miles up Slough Creek.  Shortly after I started hiking back out I turned and saw a single bull bison emerge from the trees and start following me down the trail.  He was a good 250 yards or so back and it was just a coincidence that we were going the same way, so I did not think much of it.  About a mile on down the trail with the bull still trailing I came over a small hill and saw another bull bison standing just yards off the trail about 150 yards ahead of me.  At about 100 yards away I could see he was agitated, so I yielded the path to circle around behind him making sure I was keeping a good 70-80 yards away.  As I got behind him I lost sight of the first bull but figured Bison-track-and-spraythere would be a good bison fight when he came over the hill and saw the second.  Feeling safe at some 80 yards away, I got behind the one tree in the area and got my camera out to capture the impending fight.  I took a few shots of the second bull, but could not yet see the first.  Then the second bull suddenly turned and started walking away from the direction of the first, which meant he was coming more or less in my direction.  There really was no where for me to go and the branches of the tree were too high to reach, so I dropped my backpack and camera, got my can of spray out and ready, and stayed as much behind he tree as I could.  At 30 yards, just when the bison seemed like he was going to walk right on past, he looked over at me and then turned 90 degrees to his right and charged full speed at me.  With my 7.9 oz can ready, I started spraying when he was about 15-20 yards out.  He disappeared into the orange fog, then he turned 90 degrees to his left and ran some 80 yards wheezing, coughing, and shaking his head, then stopped facing my direction.

bear spray for bisonI then looked to my right and saw that the first bull had come around the hill and was now just to my right some 50-60 yards away.  He looked at me, then looked at the bull I had just sprayed.  The sprayed bull turned away and started running, and the first bull took off after him.  I guess there would be a fight after all, but I was not going to see it.  With some 3 miles or so to go and getting toward dark, I grabbed my gear and set a quick pace on the trail out. 

I’ve always heeded the park warnings to keep at least 25 yards away from the bison, and actually always thought 50-75 seemed smarter. In this case, even 80 yards (I measured it the next day) was not enough.  I reported the incident to Park Rangers who said sometimes those bulls just go nuts.  The bull that charged me would not have been able to knock down the tree I was behind, but I certainly am glad I did not have to have an agility contest with that bull.  Thanks UDAP!
Joel Allen – Minneapolis, MN

bear spray

…I gave her the shortest burst I could which caused her to retreat…

In coming down an unused road near Jackson , Wyoming , I encountered a moose and her calf. Hiking in this country, moose encounters are not unusual, so I made the usual noise and arm movements and continued slowly toward her. These actions usually cause the moose to slowly retreat, but in this case, she moved purposefully toward me with her ears down. I remembered I had a canister of UDAP Pepper Power® on my belt for defense against a possible bear attack and resolved to use it against this moose if necessary. When she had gotten to within about 30 feet of me, I gave her the shortest burst I could which caused her to retreat and ultimately pass me with her calf as far away as the terrain allowed.

bear spray

I hear Tara yell, Kyle! The bear is behind you!

My name is Kyle, I’m a forest tech living and working in northern Ontario (Hearst), Canada . I have had more than 1 bear encounter working up here. The only reason I am alive today is because of your product! Last summer (2009) in late July, me and 3 other forestry workers were dropped off at a lake in a remote area, where you can only fly into. We had to portage along a trail only used by hunters, presumably, for about 800m. When we got about 600m along the trail, 2 of my fellow workers had yelled for me and another to come back because there was a black bear on the trail near them. So me and the other worker walked back about 50m to the other 2 guys, and were getting ready to scare it off. So, there were 4 of us, 3 men and 1 woman.

All of us have seen plenty of bears in our lives and felt as though, we could scare it off and we could be on our way. So as we were standing there, watching him come closer, he stood up to a tree and he sniffed the air, also showing us that he was a fairly good size…probably a good 300lbs, close to 7 foot when standing. So we did the whole “whoa bear” and tried to make ourselves look as big as possible…remember, there are 4 of us. So we did that and he wasn’t effected, in fact, he got down from standing up and started to walk closer to us. We grabbed some pots and pans and banged them together, trying to be as loud as possible, then he ran away. Not convinced he was completely gone yet, we just waited for a couple minutes and sure enough, he came back…so we banged the pots and pans again and he ran again.

After maybe 5 minutes, we could see him starting to circle us about 20m away. At this point, we didn’t know what to think besides, we are getting hunted! So after another 5 minutes of him just circling us, he started to walk towards us again. We had bottles of butane and propane for our cooking stoves, not knowing what to do, we thru the cans at the bear! Not sure if it was the best idea, but when we did, he would turn and chase them, giving us milliseconds to relax and try to gather our thoughts on what to do next. After we stopped throwing the couple cans at him, he started walking with his head down, low to the ground, walking slowly towards us…and then the huffing started, he started false charging and swiping at us, and at this time, he was maybe 5m’s away. At that point my fellow worker had my can of bear spray ready and aimed and let er’ go fully into his face! He got covered in it and took off running.

After about 20 minutes and no more signs of him, we set up camp not to far from where this all happened. We didn’t have much of a choice where to set up camp, since the work we had to do was close. The next morning my workers and I were looking at our GPS’s and figuring out where we had to start the work day, when all of a sudden I hear Tara yell, Kyle! The bear is behind you! And I looked over my shoulder and the bear was again, maybe 10m’s away, sneaking up behind me. The worker who had sprayed him the night before was quick enough to grab the can and spray the bear one last time! He went running and we got on into the river and into our canoes as soon as he left.

So thank you for making a product that saved mine and my friend’s lives!  – Kyle

P.S. I have included a picture of me, at the actual spot of where the “bear negotiation” happened.

bear spray

….by the time the cops got there, the guy was screaming that I should just shoot him….

We took all the precautions you are supposed to in bear country. We had bells, made noise, and stayed on the trail. However, we still surprised a big grizzly sow outside Jackson Hole . With her two cubs behind her, we were way to close. Your spray stopped the bear in her charge. It looked like she hit a wall. The spray saved her life and the lives of my family. I was already starting to bear my trusty lever action .50 Alaskan, but as the spray broke the charge it was not necessary to dispatch the bear. Since that day 5 years ago we ALWAYS carry your product. In fact, each of our family members has their own spray, and we have trained our children on how to use them. We believe in your product. In fact, last summer some idiot decided to carjack our Jeep. I had a choice between my 1911 or the bear spray. As my son was in the Jeep with me the bear spray seemed more appropriate. Let me assure you that by the time the cops got there, the guy was screaming that I should just shoot him. Your product rocks.

Just a simple man who loves his God, his wife, his kids, his country and his dog,

Bear Spray Video Testimonial


On October 17, 2010 I was bow hunting with my father in upstate New York , Our tree stands are about 90 yards away from each other with a clear line of sight to one another. I looked over in his direction and saw him standing with his bow in his hand so I knew he saw something so I then grabbed my bow and got ready. He then announced over the walkie talkie that he had 3 black bear cubs in front of him. Several minutes later the mother was in the picture over by my stand so I put my bow down and picked up my video camera and started filming, the sow came right under my stand and was right underneath me for several minutes until she turned back and headed to her cubs. They headed to my fathers tree stand and were right underneath him. I then see one cub stand up on the ladder to his stand so I radio him and let him know what is going on. The same cub got off the ladder and went to the tree and started to climb up it a quarter of the way and then back down to the ground. The cub did this 2 or 3 times. Knowing he can’t see directly under him I radio to him what the bear is doing. He has his UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray out and ready in fear the sow would catch wind that he is up there and be up the tree in a second to protect her cub. The curious cub then decides to fly up the tree all the way to the base of his tree stand. I radio him and let him know the cub is right under him. He first swings the bear spray at the cub to try and get him away before he would have to spray him. The cub actually swats the can with his paw and continues up the tree. Left with no choice my father sprayed the curious cub and he never lost grip of that tree but slide down extremely fast and took off. This situation could have turned out for the worse if it was not for UDAP bear spray. I must admit my father would always insist that I carry it with me and I never wanted to, but after this hunt rest assure I will never enter the woods again with out it. We went from never seeing a bear while hunting to having a face to face encounter. 

 We would just like to thank UDAP for having an excellent product that works so effectively.


Bear Spray is one serious can of Whoop Ass on pit bull dogs!!

Jan. 06, 2011 Veneta Oregon

I had just let my cat outside for a while when I noticed the neighbors pit bull dog was running loose outside. Fearing for the well being of my cat, I grabbed a can of bear spray I keep at the front door of the house. I went outside to find my cat before it was killed.

In the process of looking for my cat the dog charged across the street at me like a bolt of lightening! Fearing for my own safety I let the dog have a blast of bear spray, hell right up the nose 5 feet away. That dog about tore the pads off his feet stopping and then running away. It did not want to be anywhere near that cloud of bear spray.

The bear spray stopped the attacking dog in its tracks! I would not hesitate to use bear spray again if I need to, it works!!
Kevin Hamby

Jeff Sturges Minnestoa
bear spray

Thanks for your wonderful product!!!

I have to admit, that over the years I had become a little cavalier regarding bears as we frequently hike, bike and run in the Alaska wilderness so near our home in Anchorage. However, this day I spotted the bear spray on our rack in the garage and threw it in the top netting of my hydration backpack. Probably because I knew our granddaughter was going with us.

My wife, our 6 year old granddaughter, and I were coming back down Bird Ridge in Chugach Park Alaska 6 Sept 2010 . As we dbear spraydescended the ridge suddenly at 20 feet a large sow charged at us out of the bushes. Reflexively we yelled whoa bear and made ourselves large. She turned away at full run, but then reversed course and came at us again full speed, fortunately up a pretty steep grade which gave me an extra second to get the pepper spray out of the pack. I removed the safety and fired, but in the heat of the moment had aimed it toward me. Gave myself a good dose!!! Despite intense pain, adrenalin kept me going, and I turned the spray head at the bear. It was almost a slow-motion dream like feeling as the bear on a dead run came straight at us. The ground shook with her lope and she was breathing heavy. Ears were back and beady eyes were on me. I blasted her full in the face at three to five feet away, but thought “we are done”. Her face turned orange, even her whiskers were coated full and then she turned on a dime, never to be seen again. It was like a miracle and I will not forget that moment as long as I live.bear spray

The hike down the mountain was pretty painful with lots of tearing, sneezing, coughing and skin burning pain, but it was definitely worth all of it. I found that dawn dish-washing liquid 1part to 3 parts water helped remove the oil and stop the pain pretty quickly. I felt fine the next day.

MY heartfelt advice is always carry your bear pepper spray and practice with it before you really need it. Use a bear bell.

Thank you, Thank you!!
Randy and Irene and Ashley

Randy, Irene and Ashley

Testimonials for 2009

pepper spray

Once a dog gets even the smallest taste of UDAP Bear Spray, he never bothers me again. I repeat, he never bothers me again!

I want to tell you about another use for using UDAP Bear Spray. My name is Todd and I am an Ironman Triathlete. My sport involves swimming, cycling, and running. I live in Alabamaand spend many hours cycling on country roads training. I love the country roads because there are usually not any cars. But, I have always had problems with dogs. Dogs love to chase me and cause me problems. This is extremely annoying and even startling if a dog comes upon you when you are not paying attention. Also, a dog can be extremely dangerous because of the speeds you travel while cycling. A dog made me wreck once causing damage to my bike (which costs $4,000) and causing me to get injured.

The only protection I had against dogs was a loud voice and spraying them with my water bottles. Usually this only kept them at bay and they would always be there waiting for me on my return trip or my next ride. This was very frustrating.

I was talking once with some fellow triathletes and we were having an entire conversation about how much we hate dogs because of the problems they cause us on the bike. This was a very bonding conversation. One of the guys said he uses UDAP Bear Spray to protect himself and the dogs do not bother him anymore. I ordered my first bottle the next day!

My next ride, I tucked the UDAP Bear Spray in one of my bottle holders on my bike and went out for my ride hoping for some payback. Of course, I did not have any problems with any dogs. After about two weeks, I was riding and I started being chased by three dogs. I saw them charging at me and I got out my UDAP Bear Spray. When the dogs were close, I fired the spray at the dogs and missed. I was amazed at how streamline and how far the spray went. It startled me as much as it startled the dogs. The dogs stopped in their tracks and did not bother me even though I missed. They stood there confused. Since then, I have used the spray many, many times. I have sprayed many dogs and put them down from far enough away that I was never in any danger.

Once a dog gets even the smallest taste of UDAP Bear Spray, he never bothers me again. I repeat, he never bothers me again! He will sit there from a distance and watch me ride by. I just smile J

Thank you UDAP! I am now able to enjoy all of my bike rides.
Todd – Ironman Triathlete -Muscle Shoals, AL

bear spray

…”a 9 – 10 foot brown bear, standing about 12 feet away from me, growling and popping its jaws and swiping at the air”…

My name is Brayden Holt.  I live in Soldotna , Alaska . I’m 17 years old and attend Skyview High School .  I participate in cross country running, Nordic skiing and track.  I love the outdoors and spend lots of time hiking/biking in the mountains, hunting and fishing.

Boy, do I have a story to tell you!  On July 11, 2009 when I was 16 (I turned 17 on July 24) a buddy and I had a bear encounter. My buddy, Evan and I decided we would go mountain biking on this trail, in Cooper Landing. It was a well used trail going to Crescent Lake . Crescent Lake is located in Cooper Landing, AK. After a little drive from Soldotna to the trailhead , we were ready to take off, did our double checks to see if we forgot anything. This is the first time that I went on a mountain biking trip without my dad.  We always go together, but he was working that day. My dad always has me carry the bear spray attached to my pack on my chest hook for easy access in case of emergencies. I had bear bells strapped to the handle bars of my bike, so I was making a bit of noise.

We were finally ready to take off up the trail. We were taking our time going up the trail. We had been biking for a couple hours on the trail and there was about a mile or so left to reach the lake, where we were going to Grayling fish and eat lunch.

Evan and I had stopped for a second looking at a piece of metal on the trail, trying to figure out what it was used for.  We took off again and were on a flat part of the trail, so we were moving really fast.  I came around a corner  and I heard a sound that I didn’t  recognize or like. I looked over to the right of the trail and saw a big brown blob.  When I realized what it was the brown bear was standing on his hind legs.  It was about a 9 – 10 foot brown bear, standing about 12 feet away from me, growling and popping its jaws and swiping at the air. I got off my bike and yelled, “holy crap” and then pulled out the bear spray and went to spray it. Then I remembered the lock. I ripped the lock off the bear spray and gave it a squirt in the direction of the bear.

After I sprayed the bear it got down on all fours and ran up the hill and stopped. I looked at my partner to see what he was doing, and he was frozen to his bike with a ghost look on his face, like is this really happening to us. I looked back at the bear where I last had seen it and I couldn’t see the bear at all. Then it did a little false charge and all I could see were the trees moving from this humongous body of the bear plowing through them. The brown bear ended up stopping at about 12 feet and broke off the charge and went off into the woods.

We slowly backed down the trail. Once we went around the corner we jumped on our bikes and booked it down telling everyone we saw about it. Most of the people pulled out their bear spray and weapons and continued on up the trail. We continued our way back to the trailhead where I had left my truck. Some how at the trailhead, they had already heard of our encounter and were asking us all about it.

This is an experience that I will never forget and have told my scary, exciting story to lots of people, who were simply amazed that we had stood our ground.  It has also made me alot more aware of noises in the woods when I have been moose hunting this season.
Sincerely, Brayden Holt

Testimonials for 2008

bear spray

…”The Bear was about 3 feet away”…

My husband used his spray to stop a Black Bear from entering our cabin through the screen door the other evening!!  The Bear was about 3 feet away from me with only the screen door between us!!   He had come up our steps & across the porch & tried to enter though the screen door.  He had previously ripped our kitchen window screen off a couple times so we were ready with the spray!  This was a healthy, full-grown bear and thank God he hasn’t returned since my husband was able to spray him in the face & chase him off the porch spraying him again.

We had purchased our spray can & holster (fits on a belt) several years ago in case he needed protection while walking our dog.  However our dog died (of old age) and we hadn’t used it until now.

pepper spray

…”I will never be in the woods without it”…

Three days ago (8-9-08) I was biking up a Bernie’s Trail out of Hidden Lake campground near Cooper Landing, AK with my beagle Daphney. We had stopped at an overlook where I was resting and Daphney began to sniff around. About 40-50 feet into the woods Daph began to bey. I called, knowing what it meant, but barking quickly became yipping. When reaching the scene I saw a 300-350 lb. black bear over her. I burst the spray from about 15 ft. The bear was effected but had the presence to snatch up Daph before fleeing. Most certainly wrong, I impulsively chose to pursue. If Daphney was alive or not I could not stand the thought of that bear making a meal of my family member. I found the two about a 1/4 mile down through the woods, the bear standing over Daph looking at her. I ran up and blasted the bear from about 8 ft. It treed, about 15′ up a large cotton wood, right above the dog. After about a 5 minute standoff and another couple shots from the pepper the bear fled, leaving me with my nearly lifeless dog. Daphney did not make it, but we do get to respectfully lay our family member to rest. That bear takes away from this an enhanced respect for, and increased apprehension of humans and the and the pets that accompany them. I realize that the pepper spray is not intended as an offensive weapon. But it did drive the bear off of its potential meal. That makes me feel all the more better about having it along as an emergency defense. I will never be in the woods without it again
Scott Griebel – Soldotna, AK

bear spray

…”I was shocked at how well it worked”…

I bought the bear spray from Cal-Ranch this spring and never thought I would use it.  I’d only seen a bear in the wild a few times in my life, and the bears were never aggressive in the least.  However, I was so glad that I bought the spray when it saved my life last week.

I was bowhunting for deer in McCall, Idaho and suddenly saw a flash of bear fur in the bush next to the trail I was on.  I quickly nocked an arrow (I had a tag to shoot a bear) and got ready to shoot.  Suddenly the bear burst out of the bush only 4-5 feet away from me up a steep hill.  I got ready to shoot, but realized that the bear was just a cub.  I stepped a few feet back and reached frantically for the pepper spray on my side.  I was scared because I knew that–wherever there’s a cub–a sow is nearby.  Just as I pulled the safety clip off of the bear spray attached to my belt, the sow came up right behind the cub.  I can only assume that the sow thought I was threatening the cub, because it was immediately VERY aggressive.  I instinctively pushed the trigger on my bear spray with the bear only 6-7 feet away and moving towards me.  The INSTANT I pushed the trigger, the orange spray shot out at the bears and they both the cub and sow ran away into the underbrush.  I was shocked at how well it worked.

I just wanted to let you know that you have a loyal customer.  What I was sure I’d never need was a valuable safeguard in an unexpected situation.
Jim Harmer – Idaho

Testimonials for 2007

bear spray

“…At this point, we looked at each other with “He CAN’T be!!!” looks…”

….An approximately 175 pound frosting footed bear was, at that instant, re-entering our bedroom door for more!!! Charles was face-to-face about 4 feet from the bear. Aiming the UDAP spray directly in the bear’s face that bear got the rudest welcome he’d ever had… or, obviously, ever WANTS to have!! In a cloud of orange agony, the bear basically PIVOTED mid-air endeavoring to exit out the door as fast as he could – to escape that noxious spray, making frantic gagging, and coughing-type noises. He leapt up the hill about where he stopped, head down – obviously trying to catch his breath before he could go on. Charles, however, was right on his path, yelling and emptying the can on him. The bear took one look at his tormentor (the can of spray, that is!) and took off again up the hill…..

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“…one squirt convinced him to leave the trail…”

bear spray

bear spray

We were recently hiking on the Grinnell Glacier Trail in Glacier National Park when this young grizzly came down the trail directly in front of us. Fortunately there were 3 of us with pepper spray and one squirt convinced him to leave the trail. It could have been a very different outcome if we had not had the spray!?

Doug Steakley

Doug Steakle

Testimonials for 2005

bear spray

“…he started to rock back and forth before finally charging.”

My father, brother and I took a two week vacation out west. While hiking around the base of Jenny Lake in Wyoming we encountered an adolescent black bear.  When we first embarked on the short day hike, I was not anticipating seeing much wildlife due to how heavily traveled the trail was. In fact, I distinctly remember chiding my dad for toting along the bear spray on his hip belt. It seemed as if we were passing other hikers every fifteen minutes or so. As we walked around the base of the lake, the trail dog-legged sharply to the right. When we rounded the bend we were astonished to see a black bear not more than twenty-five yards away. He was contentedly grazing away in what I presume was some sort of berry bush. The bear spotted us instantly and squared up to us on the trail, I imaginebear spray merely seeking to protect his food source. After a short time he started to rock back and forth before finally charging. When he was no more than fifteen feet away he put the brakes on abruptly, then slowly started to rock back and forth again. By this time my father had pulled out his bottle of UDAP pepper spray. They bear charged forward again and my father sprayed him with a large blast of spray as soon as the bear took his first step. It seemed (at least to my fright-frozen mind) that the bear was in slow motion as he turned his head from side to side to avoid the spray. Slowly, he turned and climbed up the hill to our left before finally perching himself on a rocky outcropping almost above our heads. From our vantage point on the ground we could clearly see him trying to use his forearms to wipe the bear spray from his muzzle. Looking back, I think the bear merely wanted to bluff us into running away, but at any rate I’m glad we had your spray. It worked perfectly, and I can honestly say it was the best money we have ever spent. To think that I had poked fun at my dad for carrying your spray! Crow never tasted so sweet.

Brett – Jackson , Mississippi

bear spray

“This was no bluff. The bear was comin’ on!”

Howdy, I’m a nature photographer living at Duck Lake, I was up on St. Mary ridge, outside the Park, when a larger bull elk, antlers still in the velvet, crossed the trail in front of me. I mounted the big lens and monopod and followed him into the wind seeking images and not making noise. Lost in the moment as it were…In less than a quarter mile I’m jolted back to reality by the jaw popping of a grizzly. Next timber is breaking and a dark blur appears. My camera gear is dropped, the can of UDAP retrieved from the right leg pocket of my Carhartt’s, safety popped and trigger pressed. When I sprayed the dark grizzly was close enough to touch with my out-stretched boot. The bear is huffing, growling, retching and shaking its head. This goes on for about tens seconds and the bear spins and crashes off. It happened so fast and yet seemed to be in slow motion from my perspective…I’ve faced two other bluff charges before and they were just that…bluff. This was no bluff. The bear was comin’ on! I was fine until the bear left and then the adrenalin took over and I began to shake. I was very “alive” for the rest of the day. Thanks for a product that potentially saved my life or at least a severe mauling…I have carried some form of peeper spray for the 12 years in and around the Park. I had occasion last year to use your competitors spray on a large black bear and found it didn’t work very well. I then switched to UDAP. Had occasion to use it on an aggressive moose that put me behind a tree and came in striking with front feet. This moose was pretty serious…UDAP at about three feet does wonders on an aggressive moose! As to the grizzly encounter I was doing some things wrong, into the wind, no noise and seeing images of bull elk, lost in the moment. I never saw or heard cubs, don’t know if the bear was on a carcass or if I just kicked him out of his day-bed…In any event, you have gained a loyal customer. I normally have two cans around. One for back up but on this day just the single can in my pocket. The heavy loaded S&W .44 was left back with the bike and in retrospect had that been my defensive weapon rather than the UDAP I think I would have been in bad shape. No doubt I would have gotten the revolver out and got one or two shots off but they would have had to have been very “lucky”. The UDAP resulted in not having a dead or wounded bear and hopefully this bear has had a large dose of “aversion therapy”. Thanks again! Good health and safe travels…
Ross Buckingham – Buckingham Wilderness Images

bear spray

“…Fourth of July Bear Charge…”

Michelle and I were talking and making noise on the trail when we heard a loud huffing sound from the wooded area to our right. Michelle said to me, “Matt, get out your bear spray.” I was carrying the UDAP Bear Deterrent Spray in its holster on my hip and had previously test fired it, as per the recommendation in the instructions. The bear was a sow grizzly bear weighing approximately 500 pounds with a cub approximately 100 pounds. Both came charging out of the woods directly at us, with the female emitting deep guttural huffing sounds and appearing highly agitated. Both bears were less than 8 feet away when I sprayed them, hitting the female with an arc of the spray. There was an immediate, adverse reaction. Both bears veered off and up on the trail above our position, then into the trees on the opposite side of the trail away from us.


My heartfelt thanks in developing such an exceptional and well-designed product. – Matt Magliaro

Testimonials for 2006

bear spray

“…I heard a roar and turned to see the bear flowing over some downed logs…”

Hi Mark, We met at the International Bear Conference in Gatlinburg, TN several years ago. You took time to demonstrate to me your spray and what to look for in a good pepper spray. Since that time, I’ve only carried UDAP, but never had reason to use it as defense against a bear until September of last year. (I have used it successfully against two feral Rottweillers that attacked a mountain biker in Pisgah National Forest here in North Carolina.)

While hiking back out to the trailhead after several days in the backcountry near the Shoshone Lake geyser basin back in mid-September, I was charged by a large bear spraydark Grizzly near campsite 8R3. I had spotted some scat only a few minutes before the encounter but because there was so little, and because of the time of year, I figured that it was a black bear. The bear charged just after I passed the turnoff to the campsite. I heard a roar and turned to see the bear flowing over some downed logs only a few yards away. I threw my arms up and yelled at the bear, causing it to stop just as it hit the path about 8 feet or so away from me. For about 30 or 40 seconds the two of us had what amounted to a roaring contest.

The griz was bouncing stiff-legged as it circled, trying to get behind me. As soon as I thought it as safe to lower my arms, I went for the UDAP spray that I carried, ready to fire, on my pack belt. As I reached for it, the bear jumped in towards me. I fired nearly straight down at its head as it did, with it coming close enough to slobber on my right leg. I only sprayed a short burst, hat may be why the bear retreated about 10 feet, but continued to roar (growl loudly?) and bounce up and down. I then got the spray out of the holster and fired a longer blast, really nailing the griz with the stuff. I literally painted its head with the spray. It immediately retreated, rubbing its head against the ground and weeds as it went. It didn’t run away – instead, it would move a few feet, bawling and rubbing its face against the ground, and then turn to face me again.

When it was about 50 feet away, I remembered the camera hanging around my neck and got a couple of quick blurred shots of the Griz as it faded into the timber, still growling loudly and looking back. As soon as it was out of sight, I booked on down the trail. I made the mistake of rubbing my forehead with the back of my hand right after the encounter and smeared residue liberally into one eye. The pain was incredible, but considering what the alternative might have been, was quite bearable (pardon the pun…) When I got back to the Grant Village backcountry office, I filed a report with bear management and learned that what was evidently the same bear had mauled two hikers at the same location the morning before I had my encounter.
Dave Landreth

bear spray

“…We found security in being protected by UDAP…”

Being a wildlife filmmaker requires getting up close to some of the worlds most dangerous animals.  In 2005, our crew spent 3 months in some of southern Africa’s wildest places, spending great deal of our time filming creatures notorious of being man-killers.  Giant elephant bulls, cape buffalo, lions, leopard, and hippo just to name a few.  Over that time we had many life threatening encounters.  We had a pride of lions kill a waterbuck 10 feet outside our tent one night.  We had an insane buffalo bull ram our truck full tilt.  We were charged by angry elephants a dozen times.  During all of these encounters we found security in being protected by UDAP bear spray.  Our countless positive experiences with this product made it our ONLY choice, opting to leave the rifle at home.  Thank you for a wonderful non-lethal alternative of protection to allow us to film some of the most incredible things on earth.  So next time I am up close to Africa’s big five, I will have my UDAP Big Mama.
Thank you,  The Crew of Untamed

Bear Spray

“…I turned around and saw what the bear was really going after, my heart almost stopped…”

My family and I were camping at the Russian River campground on the Kenai Peninsula Alaska when we heard some rustling of bushes Bear Sprayabout 30 feet away. I figured that we were relatively safe since the grizzlies were down at the river fishing for salmon.  I got up, told every one to stay put and with my bear spray in hand, went to see what it was. When I reached the top of the edge of our campsite I surprised to see a medium sized 185-200 pound black bear coming up the hill towards me. She was trying to get into our site but I was blocking her path. She stopped about 15 feet from me and started thrashing at the bushes for about 10 seconds when she just stopped and stared at me then made a charge that was faster than I believed was possible.  I gave the bear a quick 1 second spray and instantly, the bear spun and headed the opposite direction.  My heart was already pounding and when I turned around and saw what the bear was really going after, my heart almost stopped. My 5 year old daughter had decided to join me to see what the noise was. That was what the bear was charging at.  I kept an eye on her until she was out of sight and she never returned.

<span”>I thank you for your product, without it I’m afraid to think what could have happened without it. I don’t enter the woods without it. Period.

 Eric Toney

 P.S. My daughter and I have had long conversations about bear safety prior to and definitely after this encounter

bear spray

“…It wasn’t my .44, that I pulled out, it was my can of UDAP…”

My Name is Matt Vermillion, I spend my summers in Chinitna Bay in Lake Clark National Park as a bear viewing guide. This summer I saw first hand the power of bear sprayUDAP Pepper Spray. We were having trouble with the bear you see pictured, You see he was extremely curious of us early in the season, Which gradually grew into him advancing upon us while on the trail, Talking him down and air horns did work the first couple of times we met this bear, Then one day we were viewing this bear along with several others. The bears were grazing and the trouble bear started grazing directly toward us,, as he had done several times before. At this point the bear was still advancing while we were talking to him, advancing at a very slow pace, just creeping up on us, When talking firmly didn’t work, It wasn’t my .44 you see me holding that I pulled out, But my newly acquired can of UDAP, I sprayed the bear when he was no more than 5 feet from us, I was praying silently to myself that this stuff was gonna work, I would never want to kill a bear for him acting naturally in his habitat unless all else failed, To my relief and amazement the bear immediately turned and ran full speed in the opposite direction with little more that a brief puff of spray to the face, About 20 minutes later we were back at camp after leaving the area, and I saw the bear with our scope, still rubbing his eyes and face ,,the spray was still effecting him half an hour after i sprayed him. I was convinced after that of the power of UDAP. The picture of the bear you see was a matter of seconds before we sprayed him, looking back at the picture i can see the look in that bears eye, looking right at me, UDAP gave me the option of not having to kill a bear, and to not have that bear get rowdy with me our staff and our guest, Thanks UDAP!
Sincerely, Matt Vermillion

Testimonials for 2004

bear spray

“When I looked up, there was a sow grizzly charging hard…”

Thanks UDAP, you saved me!  I was mountain biking up Tepee Creek just north of Yellowstone Park when I had a run in with a sow and two cubs.  I was almost to the ridge between Tepee and Buffalo Horn, when I heard a repeating grunting sound.  When I looked up, there was a sow grizzly charging hard at about 25 yards with two yearling cubs at her heals.  I jumped off my bike, and went for my UDAP spray in my Camelback.  Thank god, she bluffed me once.  She came within one stride of me and started to loop around before I could even get my hands on my spray.  She made about a 30-foot loop, which gave me just enough time to get my spray and have it ready.  When she came back at me, I let her have it in the face at about 10 feet.  She stopped dead in her tracks, turned, and ran.  I am almost sure I wouldn’t be writing this to you if it weren’t for your spray.
Thanks again, you have a great product! –  Ben Macht

bear spray

“The bears saw me at about the same time I saw them…”

While hiking in Grand Teton National Park near Bradley Lake , I suddenly came upon a black bear sow and two cubs.  This occurred at the top of a knoll. The sow and cubs were partially hidden in some undergrowth. The bears saw me at about the same time I saw them. The cubs immediately ran away and down a slight hill.           The sow, which I would estimate at weighing about 300 lbs, growled and ran toward me. She stopped about 10 feet away, lowered her head, and began swing it from side.

I was carrying trekking poles, and threw them down in front of her as a distraction. I slowly backed away. She stepped over the poles and followed me for several yards. She continued to follow me for several more yards as I backed away (about 50 yards in all).  At this point, I brought out my container of UDAP and fired a short burst at her face.  This was from about 10 feet. The sow shook her head and seemed distracted.  I immediately put more distance between us.  When I turned around, she was gone.

I am very glad I was carrying a container of UDAP that morning.  I believe it saved me from physical harm as well as several other hikers who were not carrying any protection. I want you to know that your product worked very well.  Thanks again and be assured that I will always carry UDAP when I am hiking in bear country and will tell others to do the same.

Cordially,   Garry Lineback

bear spray

” I have used it effectively on bear, moose, elk, coyote, and one domesticated range bull…”

Gentleman, Wanted to thank you for such a fine product again and again. I am 3/4 way through my 3rd 9.2oz can of spray, and I have used it effectively on bear, moose, elk, coyote, and one domesticated range bull. No other pepper spray comes close for effectiveness, reliability and good insurance. I am a wilderness guide in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming and hike 5-7 miles daily from mid April thru September.

I will be returning to the Bighorns in northern Wyoming in mid April for good, as I lived there for 25 years and spent 10 seasons as a wilderness guide. I cover a lot of area an have many encounters with all the wild animals I love.

I should state that I go out of my way to avoid any dangerous situation. I don’t use the spray unless it is unavoidable. I always try to keep the wind at my back and take that into consideration every day except when I photograph big trophy animals. Here is a picture in the back ground is the Little Bighorn River Valley where 500 + elk are all summer and autumn.

Thanks again for a great alternative to using a firearm. Kind Regards,   – Douglas Z.

Testimonials for 2003

bear spray

UDAP bear spray showed me results…

ver the last 10 years, I have had the rare and unique opportunity to work up close and personal with some of the world’s most dangerous animals.  The jobs have ranged from being a wildlife rehabilitator to an animal trainer, where everyday required working with or near very unpredictable creatures.  I have worked with 100’s of bears, both wild and captive, and can honestly say that bears have charged me over 30 times.  Bear spray has become a necessity, a piece of equipment that I depend on for life and death situations.

I have used several products; some working more effectively than others but UDAP bear spray showed me the results that gave me a peace of mind. Over the years, charge after charge, I have watched UDAP stop bears like a brick wall, saving my life several times.  When the spray is deployed the bear stops dead in their tracks wanting nothing more than to go the opposite direction as fast as it physically can. UDAP is the ultimate in safety for dealing with these unique and dangerous situations

When it comes to choosing a right hand man, the only product that I can say has worked with results I depend on 100% of the time is UDAP bear spray EPA Reg. No. 71920-1-72007.

President, Montana Grizzly Encounter

bear spray

“…pressed on the bear spray can for 2 seconds…”

I went canoeing with some friends in the Adirondacks in New York.  It was a remote area, which was recently opened to the public.

At first, my friends thought I was ridiculous for bringing UDAP bear spray.  I told them we would definitely see some black bears and it turned out to be the truth.  One night, I went to the tent early and was awakened by one of my friends who yelled, we have a bear in our camp.  I thought it was a joke at first and this went on for a few minutes.

After a short period of time, the other friend started to yell, “Get out of here bear” and was banging a cooking pot with a stick. The bear had two cubs with her and was very aggressive. She was snarling and growling at us while we made noise. She charged us a couple of times coming within about 5ft of us. She was not about to let us get in her way.  I bolted out of my tent with a 260-gram can of UDAP bear spray and approached the bear.  She was a big female, approximately 325 pounds or so, and had climbed the tree, tore down our food bags and had one in her claws and jaws.

We got within 25 feet and just pressed on the bear spray can for 2 seconds.  The pepper spray shot out 30 feet, hit her in the face and she immediately took off running in the opposite direction.  Needless to say, the entire group, including some of our kids, all wished they had brought a can of bear spray. The bear had even left her cubs in a near by tree for three hours and when she did come back for them, she definitely stayed out of the perimeter of our camp, not wanting to be sprayed again. Once she got her cubs to come to her, we never saw her again.

We are headed to the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park this August and we all are carrying the large canister on our hip.  Thanks for the great product!

Best regards,
Steve Tuzik

Testimonials for 2002

pepper spray

“I trusted my life with UDAP Pepper Power® and it saved us!”

Thanks – Dave Wood

 “If not for the help of a friend and your UDAP Pepper Power® I probably wouldn’t be here today.”

The sun had just set over the tall peaks of the Madison range when a large sow Grizzly and her two almost fully grown cubs came running for what they thought was dinner. Dave Wood, my long time hunting partner and I, had been archery hunting all day without much success. We were watching the sunset and proceeded to violate one of our “Golden Rules” in that we did some elk calling when we weren’t totally ready to hunt.

The bears where ready to hunt and did so with a ferocity and speed that is almost incomprehensible. At first we just heard the noise of something running at us at about forty miles an hour and only saw the three of them in the last twenty yards of their charge as they broke into the small opening we were in. I had jumped to my feet and was facing them thinking they were a charging bull elk. I was crouched pulling an arrow from the bow quiver when I realized we were in trouble. Before I could draw my gun the sow had taken her first bite of my left leg and broken my fibula. In less than six seconds she proceeded to bite my leg, my thigh, my arm and ultimately my head. With the first bite, I made a decision to fight her rather than play dead and kept trying to get my gun out of its holster. I had also called out to Dave to help me. He had actually been closer to the bears when they appeared but was already lying on the ground and they went right over the top of him to get to me. Finally as the sow was biting my head Dave jumped up armed with UDAP, he charged the mother Grizzly who was now facing him. She took the full force of the spray from less than ten yards whirling so fast that at first Dave wasn’t sure he hit her. The effect of the spray was fast and effective as she and the cubs left and didn’t return.

If not for the unselfish and quick response from Dave and the supreme effectiveness of UDAP, my encounter with that bear may have been my last act.           Dave and I have hunted elk in Grizzly country for many years together and we have had other less close encounters with them. In addition to coming across other hunters in the woods who have been attacked we have had several encounters when the bears have told us in no uncertain terms to leave their area. We always try to be prepared and have carried side arms in addition to UDAP  since its inception. However, until this encounter, I think we both thought our first line of defense would be a gun. Now, we both feel that we wouldn’t be out in the woods without UDAP Pepper PowerTM and as for me it will be in a chest harness with UDAP’s unique shoot from the holster design.

Thanks for making a product that really works and saves lives both human and animal.

Sincerely,    Steven Chamberlain M.D.

bear spray

Yellowstone Park Grizzly Attack

She was thirty feet away and in full charge as we came to the edge of the ridge. With a cub on both sides and another behind, the earth was flying as she closed the distance. I ran ten feet to my friend while I yelled “We’ve got a grizzly! She has cubs! Don’t run! Hit the deck!” As I landed and grabbed my fanny pack around my neck, she grabbed my calf in her mouth and shook. I was fumbling for the pepper spray on my belt, wondering if I should be just staying still.  When she shook me, I yelled out. That brought my friend Nils up on to his knees, which distracted the bear off of me. She ran ten feet to check on her cubs, then turned and charged Nils. He now had his UDAP Pepper Power® Pepper Spray out and ready. He fell back to his stomach and waited until the head-on charge closed to five feet. Propped up on his elbows he let her have it right in the face. GONE, DONE, NEVER SEEN AGAIN! The spray stopped the charging female grizzly on a dime and sent her away for good. Nils called out to me, “I got her Tom, and I got her good!”

Nils and I want to thank Mark and UDAP for saving both our lives.  My family and Nils’ wife and daughters think you are pretty cool too. Thank you for producing a quality product. Thank you also for contacting me in the hospital to lend moral support. It meant a lot to me.
Thanks again,
Tom Crosson, Nils Wygant

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Testimonials for 2001

pepper spray

“…superior to a firearm in several ways…”

had the opportunity to use your product (225g canister) against an aggressive black bear in Yosemite last summer.  Though it is impossible to know what would have happened without your  UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray, I believe that having it on hand saved my life.  Here’s what happened:

I awoke to the sound of breaking branches and claws on tree bark on our first night of a John Muir Trail through-hike.  I woke my friend and we ran over to our counter-balanced food bags and, sure enough, there was a medium-sized, 200 lb. bear sitting on the tree limb pulling up our food bags using the hanging rope.  Yosemite bears are notoriously clever!  We tried everything we could to scare the bear out of the tree including shining our flashlights, throwing rocks and yelling at the top of our lungs.

Getting frustrated and losing our food fast – this bear actually bit through and ate a can of chili – I instead hit the food bags with a rock, knocking them out of the tree.  Bad idea!  (You know what they say about getting between a bear and its food!)

The bear hissed and ran down the tree, charging at us the moment he hit the ground.  When I pressed the canister trigger, a large cloud of  UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray washed over the snout of the charging bear at about 6-8 feet.  He was turned back instantly, regrouped by the tree and charged again.  I sprayed him again, this time at maybe 15-20 feet and stopped him once again.  The bear left the area at which point we collected our food and returned to camp.

Again, thanks for your product.  I think it is superior to a firearm in several ways.  First, it works!  Pepper spray is noxious enough to thwart large bears.  Second, it is difficult to miss your target.  Third, it is very lightweight compared to a gun.  Fourth, no permanent harm is done to the bear.  In fact, some fear of humans may be restored to aggressive bears.  I think in areas like Yosemite, which do not allow hunting, and have tremendous problems with human-food habituated bears; the rangers should consider requiring all hikers to carry pepper spray.

Thanks again,
Scott Yang

pepper spray

“Bad bear; go home!”

Dear Mark,

As a recent survivor of a close encounter with a brown bear, I believe I owe you a testimonial.

During the first day of silver salmon fishing in Yakitat, Alaska, our party heard several stories about a “large” brown bear chasing fisherman. Sadly, after being chased, one unfortunate fisherman made it back to his van, only to die of a heart attack.

pepper sprayThe next day was our turn. The bear came out on a bar on the Situk River, but ten or so fisherman, several in a boat, dissuaded him from frightening them out of their fish. So, the bear waded up the river to where our party of four vacated only minutes before. Smelling the fish we carried, the bear climbed the bank and loped up the wet and narrow trail we had taken for 100 yards or so through the thick brush. As the only (black) bear hunter in the group, I had little fear of “wild” bears, but great fear of “friendly” bears. Therefore, I carried the only can of UDAP Pepper Power® Bear Deterrent available at our Lodge.

Just before we came to an opening on the trail, the bear closed in on the last man in our party. At that point, I took a position behind my friend, let the bear come to about 15 feet, and while asserting “Bad bear; go home!” hit the trigger. To our great relief, the Bear turned “inside out” reversing course and disappearing into the brush. At that point, we beat a hasty retreat back to our van.

Count on us as Life-long converts to UDAP Pepper Power® products.

Sheldon Smith & Friends

Appreciatively, Sheldon Smith

Testimonials for 2000 and prior to 2000

pepper spray

“…but luckily for us he stepped up and sprayed…”

Kodiak Island Adventure

She got within 15-20 feet and stopped briefly to snarl, snort and bounce upon an alder that was separating her from us. At this point I attempted to light my flare as a last defense. It was a dud, maybe I was just too nervous and fidgety, but I’d like to think it was the latter. There was no time to reach for another so I stood poised with my machete. The only thoughts going through my head were “I wonder what this is going to feel like.” At this point fear wasn’t even an option, the adrenaline had induced a slow motion type of analysis and curiosity. The sow bounced on the alder a few times and made her final charge toward us. I had completely forgotten about Todd, and his bear spray, but luckily for us he stepped up and and sprayed…

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pepper spray

“All three bears charged me from about 40 yards out…”

On October 6, 1999, while bowhunting in SW Montana, I startled 3 large grizzlies, a sow and two nearly mature cubs. All three bears charged me from about 40 yards out, closing the distance between us to less than 10 yards in little more than a second. The leading sow continued her charge, head down, ears back, without breaking stride while the two others hung up slightly behind her. I was carrying the 260 gram size of UDAP Bear spray on my right hip with the hood off and stowed as recommended in your literature. I blasted a cloud out between us as quickly as I could. Although by this time she was only 20 feet away, a cross breeze dissipated the oily, orange mist. I let her have it again at 10-12 feet and discharged a final burst at 7-8 feet.The last burst nailed her square in the face and she stopped cold. The angry bear then popped her jowls, shook her massive head about and bolted over the rise from which I had just approached. The two others followed right on her heels. Although the sow was fiercely determined to attack me, I was able to effectively fend her off with no permanent injury to either of us. When I first moved to grizzly country I carried a .357 magnum loaded with 180 grain cast core hunting rounds for backcountry safety. I decided to switch to UDAP pepper spray after reading numerous personal testimonies on your web site and I’m glad I did. Even though I carry the largest can currently available, it’s still a weight savings of well over 2 pounds compared to my heavy pistol. It’s non lethal which supports my own personal ethics as well as faster and easier to deploy than a firearm, especially under extreme duress. When not in the field my new found guardian now lives on my night stand for personal home security. I sleep very well indeed.

Thanks for creating such a valuable and ecologically conscious product. Your efforts are truly saving lives, and not just human!

Eric Burge,    Bozeman, MT

pepper spray

“The fog acted like a brick wall…”

We were only about 20 feet from the tent when I heard the cubs squall and scamper away. Suddenly, I heard popping teeth and a deep “Woof” from the other side of the tent. Out from behind the tent charged a very upset bear heading in our direction. I was leading the group and to our luck was carrying your bear spray on my belt. I carried the canister such that I could flip off the safety and fire without having to remove it from the holster. This can of bear deterrent had been with me for three years and had never been fired, until now. A fog of the pepper spray zipped out towards a point somewhere between the bear and me. The fog acted like a brick wall — as the bear hit the fog she stopped dead, turned inside out and sped away like a scolded dog.

My camp partners stared in disbelief. Our rifles were slung on our shoulders and we were not prepared to shoot a bear. We had just avoided an ugly incident, and probably days in the hospital or even worse. My partners vowed never to go into bear country again without a can of UDAP Pepper Power® on their belts. Thanks for a great safety product!

Thanks, Fred R. Woods,  Executive Producer, Northwest Hunter Television Program

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“…all three of us let loose with our bear spray which stopped her cold.”

On August 13, 2000, we were hiking in Pelican Valley within Yellowstone National Park, an area known for heavy bear activity. We were on our way out when we heard some crashing timber ahead of us. I spotted a sow grizzly bear with three cubs about 100 yards away. She noticed us at about the same time, raised slightly, then charged with the cubs following her. My wife and another woman hiking with us positioned themselves on either side of me and slightly behind. When the sow was about 35 feet away I shot a short burst of UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray at the charging grizzly. The sow hesitated momentarily then advanced. At 10 feet all three of us let loose with our bear spray which stopped her cold. She then made a hasty retreat. We are very glad we had your Pepper Power® with us – we don’t want to think what might have happened without it. Thanks!

Doug and JoAnn MacCartney, Yellowstone National Park Employees, Gardner, Montana

pepper spray

Richard Romano and the can that stopped the attack.

“…The bear went straight up into the air and fell over backwards…”

On September 1, 2000, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I was riding my big buckskin horse near Daly Creek In Yellowstone National Park. It was a cold and rainy late summer day. I rode for about two hours, stopping every once and a while to glass the area for game. I decided to stop for lunch, and as I was riding down to a spot near the creek, I looked over the area really good. I hobbled my horse and sat down against a tree. I was halfway through my sandwich when my horse started snorting. Since I raised this horse, I knew his mannerisms and recognized that something was wrong. I caught a glimpse of movement on my left and when I turned my head, staring at me from four feet away was a big grizzly bear. I knew I wasn’t going to sit there and die. I started to get up, but the heel of my shoe snagged on my rain pants and I fell forward towards the bear. What happened next was fast and furious. The grizzly bear grabbed my shirt with his teeth and ripped it apart. As I began to stand up the bear hit me with his paw right in the chest, slamming me face first into a tree, cutting my face and breaking my glasses. Lying there on my back, I grabbed my UDAP Pepper Power® bear spray. By this time, the bear was standing over me with his mouth wide open ready to take a bite out of me. I shoved the can in his mouth and pushed the trigger, sending a blast of hot spray down the bear’s throat. The bear went straight up into the air and fell over backwards coughing and choking. There’s no doubt if I hadn’t had the pepper spray produced by UDAP, I wouldn’t be here. Thanks for making a life-saving product. 

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More Testimonial Prior to 2000

August 30, 1999 was the first day for hunting black bear over bait, in Maine. Early afternoon I replenished the bait and by four o’clock I was up in my tree stand. Sometime after six P.M. a sow and three small cubs arrived. While the cubs went for the bait, the sow came straight for my ladder stand. She carefully smelled the three lower steps then went on to smell my footprints for ten yards down the trail, came back and repeated the same act once more. She then went to the barrel of bait and started feeding. A short time later the sow suddenly stopped eating and stared intensely in a different direction. She then turned toward her cubs and, in a flash, they climbed up a large tree. Almost behind me, I saw a large bear coming under my stand. thinking that I was going to take this one, using a long-bow, he had to be farther away at a less steeper angle for a shot. that did not happen. The defensive mother bear, in a second, was on top of the larger bear, a commotion that was happening just twelve feet below me. The intruding bear left. The sow turned back towards the bait and decided to sit, then lie down halfway between my tree stand and the bait, apparently settling down and guarding it, maybe for the night. The cubs were not coming down from up the tree and it was starting to get dark. I did not really want to spend the night in the stand. I talked to her but all she did was just look up at me and did not show any signs of wanting to leave. Being unsure of what she might do if I came down, possibly the same thing she did to the other bear, made me decide to use the Pepper Power® Spray. When that orange and strong smelling fog hit her, she took off instantly, and very fast, twenty five yards from my stand and stayed there because her cubs were still up the tree. At that point I decided it was time to try leaving, which I did with no problem. I kept watching the sow, and she was doing the same to me until we were far enough apart. Thank God and thank you for Pepper Power®. I will always carry this very effective product whenever I am in the woods again.    —Sylvio Saucier

UDAP Pepper Power® and a .44 magnum pistol

My buddy, Cory Nuss, and I were hiking in the wilderness area near the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park. We had been backpacking for three days and were making our way back to the Elks Fork Trailhead where our vehicle was parked. At 11:00 A.M. we ran into a sow grizzly with two very large cubs. We saw the cubs just as we broke into a small clearing. They were about 40 yards away. The cubs immediately ran away. As they were running away, the sow stood up to get a better look at us. When she saw us, she dropped down on all fours and charged. I usually carry both the magnum UDAP Pepper Power® and a .44 magnum pistol. Cory did not have either one, so he carried my bear spray, just in case. The sow was 10 feet away when Cory Sprayed her. She immediately hit the brakes and wheeled away. I was just about to shoot her when Cory Sprayed her. There is no doubt in my mind that the bear spray saved the bear from being shot, and prevented serious injury or worse to Cory and myself. I am a true believer in your product. I spend many days a year hiking and hunting in grizzly country and I no longer go anywhere without your product. Also several of my friends have invested in a can of UDAP bear spray. Thanks for such a great product. — Jeff Buckingham

Peppered Grizzly Stopped in Tracks

I caught it [the bear] full in the face when it was 4 feet away, Clutter said. It was like it hit a wall. The grizzly turned and ran so fast toward her cub she ran right over it. Then, cub and sow were gone. …This worked exactly the way it was designed to work, Clutter said. The bears didn’t die. All I’m out is a can of pepper spray. I’m convinced pepper spray is the way to go, even for gun hunters. Your chance is much better with spray – which can spread out 15 feet wide from 20 feet away – than with a bullet the size of a pen. The odds are better. — Gary Clutter, guide and big game hunter in a recent article. Bozeman Daily Chronicle by Joan Haines

…(grizzly) close enough for me to see his eye lashes.

In Alaska, I was guiding for a lodge out of Iliamna, I was absorbed in my task and carelessly forgot where I was. After a few seconds I smelled him. The large boar sat close enough for me to see his eye lashes. First I shouted “Hey bear!” and “Git!”. After these first few futile attempts I knew he wasn’t going to back down. He wanted my fishy/bacon smelling lunch pack! He and I both knew that my 140 lbs. Wasn’t going to stop him either. So, talking to him the whole while, I pulled out my UDAP and let ‘er rip. Ol’ griz never knew what hit him. He stood upright, for a moment and I thought I was dead. He turned tail and ran to the water. Pawing his face and nose the whole way. He dunked his head in the river again and again, and then watched the group from a comfortable distance (for both parties) for the rest of the day. I don’t know if that old bear would have hurt me or not, but for his sake and mine I’m glad I used my UDAP bear spray. From now on if I’m traveling in the back country so is my UDAP.– Kurt Dehmer

The Right Stuff for professionals

The Teton Park rangers, Yellowstone National Park crews, Glacier National Park rangers – to mention a few – all pack Mark’s bear spray. — The Right Stuff –  

…I knew she (the grizzly sow) wasn’t stopping

It was opening day of archery elk season. My uncle and I were hunting in Northwestern Wyoming. The grizzly sow was protecting her cubs about 15 yards away, when she suddenly came at me. I hoped she would stop, but at 15 feet, I knew she wasn’t stopping, so I sprayed my bear spray at her. She shook her head and ran back up to her cubs, shook her head again, and then disappeared into the brush. I know my can of UDAP Pepper Power® saved me from, at the very least, a bad mauling, if not my uncle’s and my own life. Thanks to Mark Matheny and UDAP Industries, Inc. for a fine product.  I wouldn’t trust my life to anything else! — Thank you and God bless, David Nyreen

Outfitter…survived two charges by grizzly bear

Nate Vance’s Checklist for hunters reads, INSTEAD of carrying a handgun for Bear protection, I STRONGLY URGE ALL HUNTERS TO CARRY BEAR PEPPER SPRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bear spray works, I can attest to that fact!! I HAVE SURVIVED TWO CHARGES BY A GRIZZLY BEAR, both times using UDAP Pepper Spray. I would urge you to invest in Pepper Spray and a [holster]. I have used the brand, UDAP Pepper Power® made by UDAP – Universal Defense Alternative Products. And have not had it fail me yet! I can tell you from first hand experience, you are more likely to save yourself in a defensive situation with Bear Spray than a firearm!! — Nate Vance, Outfitter

Bear Pepper sprays…the hottest pieces of back country gear

Bear Pepper sprays have become the hottest pieces of back country gear, in part because of Matheny’s non- stop crusading. — Todd Wilkinson, Too Close and Encounter

…fourteen feet, ears laid back in attack mode.

Rex [Rogers] had told me earlier that, in ten years of hunting the Gallatin National Forest of Montana, they had never run into a grizzly, but he and Dick [Frederickson] still carried your pepper spray [UDAP Pepper Power®]. They had carried a less potent brand until they had a run-in with a stray dog, which it barely phased. I take it this is what prompted them to switch to UDAP Pepper Power®. After weighing the price of the spray compared to the chance of being attacked, Rex’s words finally persuaded me into buying a 15 ounce can with holster. We were off to our bow hunting camp. About 6:15 a.m. the next morning, I finally made it up to the ridge I was planning to hunt…As I closed in on top of the meadow, I knew I was only going to be thirty yards away from what could be my lucky elk. Peaking over the crown, my eyes focused on something I wasn’t prepared for, a sow grizzly with her two cubs… At that point, sixty yards away, I knew I was in the wrong spot at the wrong time. In a split second, she woofed and was on a mad dash directly at me. Knowing I was over one hundred yards from a tree, I drew my pistol and the spray. By this time, she was at thirty yards, still going full bore. Hoping she was bluffing, I stood dead still. I knew I couldn’t get a good enough shot to stop her in her tracks. On the other hand, what if I let her get close enough to spray, and it wouldn’t phase her? By this time, she was fourteen feet, ears laid back in attack mode. Fighting reflexes, I squeezed the spray. The instant that fog hit her nose, she pivoted on a dime and was gone. Keep in mind, I am not a person whose thoughts are easily swayed. One thing is for sure, had I not been packing UDAP Pepper Power®, I would have been mauled or possibly killed. — Russ (Eric) Leach

A snapped twig announced the presence of a charging sow grizzly…

I am a sheep and elk guide, in northwest Wyoming and with my experiences in the wilderness and around grizzly bears, I had to write to tell you how truly impressed I am with your pepper spray. Sheep hunting with a client, we headed above timber line, just before we broke out of the timber we stopped for a rest. A snapped twig announced the presence of a charging sow grizzly and three cubs. The hunter immediately grabbed for his pepper spray, and shot the bear with (UDAP) at ten feet, the bear spun and ran off. Anyone who believes Bears like the taste of pepper spray, sure need to see this!! — Patrick Poppe, Wind River Outfitters, Dubois, WY

…powerful enough to stop King Kong!

I’ve shot bears with this volatile bear deterrent spray [from UDAP] , and believe me, it is powerful enough to stop King Kong! Many guides and wardens in Alaska prefer to use pepper spray instead of a firearm, because they’ve learned that the shotgun pattern blasted out by pepper spray stops a charging bear more surely than a bullet. This stuff works. I should know. I was photographing a bear last spring in Montana when the bear suddenly turned and began advancing toward me. Fortunately, I had a large can of UDAP Pepper Power® spray in a holster on my hip. When the bear was 50 feet away, it made a false charge. I hit it with a blast of red hot cayenne pepper that instantly enveloped the bear in an orange fog. The bear immediately stopped and began pawing at its face coughing and wheezing, the bruin slowly stumbled into the forest. — Mike Lapinski, Bowhunter Magazine

…Bear pepper spray is more effective in deterring a grizzly attack than a gun.

As the bear charged, the man fell back and the grizzly bit his leg, Gocke said. The hunter was carrying a loaded rifle on his shoulder and pepper spray on his belt, and was able to spray the animal in the face, which immediately caused it to run away. According to Game and Fish predator biologist, Dave Moody, the incident reinforces that pepper spray is more effective in deterring a grizzly attack than a gun. The fact that the bear was in the process of biting this guy, and it broke off the attack when it was sprayed just further reinforces the effectiveness of pepper spray in my opinion, Moody said, noting that in most incidents where grizzlies are shot in the process of an attack, the person is most often mauled anyway. — David Simpson, Pepper Spray makes grizzly run away, Jackson Hole

The bear skidded to a halt…”

The bear was only a few yards away when French fired the spray directly into its face. The bear skidded to a halt – so close French’s legs were showered with dirt – then it turned and ran. — Anthony Acerrano, Fall Bear Attacks, Men’s Journal

…Bear pepper spray…the first line of defense in a bear encounter.

The bottom line is that too many bears are dying as a result of conflicts with humans. The truth is, guns have not proven very effective against repelling grizzly bears from attack, and we usually end up with a dead bear, and often, a mauled hunter. Officials from the WY Fish and Game Department and MT Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks all recommend that hunters and other people in grizzly country use pepper spray as the first line of defense in a bear encounter. Dave Moody of WY Fish and Game Department said that in dozens of cases in the last 15 years, only once has a grizzly bear continued through pepper spray to attack the sprayer [through 1997], while noting that in the majority of cases in which a bear is shot, the shooter is still reached by the bear. For the most part, I think [pistols] are totally useless in a bear attack, Moody told the Casper Star Tribune last fall. — Tim Stevens, Grizzly Mortality: Alarming and Avoidable, Greater Yellowstone Report 1997

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