UDAP Bear Spray Holsters

If you’re carrying bear spray and do not have it in a holster designed for its use, you will probably never get your bear spray deployed in time to stop a bear attack. The holster is one of the most important aspects of bear spray. In fact, we sell about 99% of our bear deterrents with a holster. One should only purchase a can only to replace an expired canister or to have an additional canister for backup.

Patented GrizGuard® Holster



  • MADE IN THE USA AND DESIGNED BY A GRIZZLY BEAR ATTACK SURVIVOR – Mark Matheny, President of UDAP Industries, survived a grizzly bear attack and has made it his life’s mission to help keep people safe. Our bear spray holster is made in Wyoming (grizzly bear country), by American workers with American materials.
  • PATENTED Griz Guard HOLSTER – 1) Silently remove the spray from the top of the pepper spray holster. 2) Remove downwards from the side of the holster to reach bears low to the ground in attack mode 3) Keep it in the holster and shoot from the waist.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Patented holster with a versatile clip-on attachment for stealthy and instant bear spray access. The Griz Guard holster can be clipped on to your waist, pocket or other handy locations. Fits All 2-2.5″ Cans.
  • SILENT ACCESS – The Griz Guard holster provides instant and noiseless access to the canister, avoiding Velcro sounds that can attract bears. Made from high strength poly-carbonate.
  • SHOOT FROM THE HIP – You can shoot from the hip, saving precious seconds during a bear attack.


UDAP Premium Chest Holster System

Bear Spray Holsters

UDAP Pepper power holsters are designed for an individual to have instant and silent access to the canister. Every UDAP holster is designed for bear spray to shoot right from the holster if time does not allow you to draw it. Many competitors’ holsters have noisy Velcro straps that have to be pulled away before accessing bear spray. Have you ever noticed when you pull apart hook and loop Velcro that it sounds similar to the crunching noise that stepping on dry twigs and leaves produces? It is a very natural sound. Bears center in on this as they are concerned if it is a threat or prey. If you see a bear before the animal sees you and you know you need to back out of the situation. It is nice to have silent access to your bear spray in order to get it ready in case the bear does see you backing away and charges.

Bear Spray Holsters

PINK Camouflage Hip Holster and Belt

UDAP has a new pink camo bear spray holster available. The holster comes with a pink adjustable belt for convenience and fits waist sizes from 28 – 52 inches. UDAP’s pink camo holster continues to have UDAP’s unique shoot from the holster design allowing for easy and silent access to the trigger.

Bear Spray Holsters

Carry Bear Spray! Have It Accessible! Know How to Use It! Practice!

Just because you have your bear spray and it is in the holster does not mean you are prepared. You need to practice going for your bear spray and possibly purchase a UDAP Inert Training Canister. This is an important part of bear spray use. If you do not train yourself how to react in a bear attack situation, it will be hard to figure it all out in the split second you have to decide what to do. Several times we heard from individuals that they did not even think about the spray because they panicked. Many never read the label to see how bear spray works before heading into the back country. We still see individuals carrying bear spray in their backpack. UDAP manufactures both hip and chest holsters for bear spray. Hip holsters were the first type on the market and are still very popular today. Mark Matheny observed some limitations with hip holsters and developed a chest holster system for bear sprays early on in UDAP’s beginnings. At first, he saw the need for a chest holster when he saw fisherman wearing chest waders in Alaska fishing in close proximity to bears. It is hard to get in your chest waders to get your bear spray. What he has found is that there are several benefits to wearing the chest holster. It puts the spray right in front of you. You can easily access it even if lying on the ground. When you wear a back pack, the hip holster is placed on the belt strap. When you take your backpack off you take your bear spray off. The chest system works great with a back pack. If you do not wear a belt the chest system is the only way to carry bear spray. It is more comfortable when running and horseback riding. The chest holster can also convert to a hip holster if needed. However, we strongly recommend that you keep it in the same place always. You will need your reflexes to automatically find your bear spray. If it is not in the preprogrammed spot, you will loose precious time looking and fumbling for it. That is why we have never made a backpack clip for our holsters. A backpack clip would put your bear spray in a different spot then you are used to when not wearing your backpack.

Remember: Carry Bear Spray! Have It Accessible! Know How to Use It! Practice!