“I trusted my life with UDAP Pepper Power® and it saved us!”

Thanks – Dave Wood

 “If not for the help of a friend and your UDAP Pepper Power® I probably wouldn’t be here today.”

The sun had just set over the tall peaks of the Madison range when a large sow Grizzly and her two almost fully grown cubs came running for what they thought was dinner. Dave Wood, my long time hunting partner and I, had been archery hunting all day without much success. We were watching the sunset and proceeded to violate one of our “Golden Rules” in that we did some elk calling when we weren’t totally ready to hunt.

The bears where ready to hunt and did so with a ferocity and speed that is almost incomprehensible. At first we just heard the noise of something running at us at about forty miles an hour and only saw the three of them in the last twenty yards of their charge as they broke into the small opening we were in. I had jumped to my feet and was facing them thinking they were a charging bull elk. I was crouched pulling an arrow from the bow quiver when I realized we were in trouble. Before I could draw my gun the sow had taken her first bite of my left leg and broken my fibula. In less than six seconds she proceeded to bite my leg, my thigh, my arm and ultimately my head. With the first bite, I made a decision to fight her rather than play dead and kept trying to get my gun out of its holster. I had also called out to Dave to help me. He had actually been closer to the bears when they appeared but was already lying on the ground and they went right over the top of him to get to me. Finally as the sow was biting my head Dave jumped up armed with UDAP, he charged the mother Grizzly who was now facing him. She took the full force of the spray from less than ten yards whirling so fast that at first Dave wasn’t sure he hit her. The effect of the spray was fast and effective as she and the cubs left and didn’t return.

If not for the unselfish and quick response from Dave and the supreme effectiveness of UDAP, my encounter with that bear may have been my last act.           Dave and I have hunted elk in Grizzly country for many years together and we have had other less close encounters with them. In addition to coming across other hunters in the woods who have been attacked we have had several encounters when the bears have told us in no uncertain terms to leave their area. We always try to be prepared and have carried side arms in addition to UDAP  since its inception. However, until this encounter, I think we both thought our first line of defense would be a gun. Now, we both feel that we wouldn’t be out in the woods without UDAP Pepper PowerTM and as for me it will be in a chest harness with UDAP’s unique shoot from the holster design.

Thanks for making a product that really works and saves lives both human and animal.

Sincerely,    Steven Chamberlain M.D.

Yellowstone Park Grizzly Attack

She was thirty feet away and in full charge as we came to the edge of the ridge. With a cub on both sides and another behind, the earth was flying as she closed the distance. I ran ten feet to my friend while I yelled “We’ve got a grizzly! She has cubs! Don’t run! Hit the deck!” As I landed and grabbed my fanny pack around my neck, she grabbed my calf in her mouth and shook. I was fumbling for the pepper spray on my belt, wondering if I should be just staying still.  When she shook me, I yelled out. That brought my friend Nils up on to his knees, which distracted the bear off of me. She ran ten feet to check on her cubs, then turned and charged Nils. He now had his UDAP Pepper Power® Pepper Spray out and ready. He fell back to his stomach and waited until the head-on charge closed to five feet. Propped up on his elbows he let her have it right in the face. GONE, DONE, NEVER SEEN AGAIN! The spray stopped the charging female grizzly on a dime and sent her away for good. Nils called out to me, “I got her Tom, and I got her good!”

Nils and I want to thank Mark and UDAP for saving both our lives.  My family and Nils’ wife and daughters think you are pretty cool too. Thank you for producing a quality product. Thank you also for contacting me in the hospital to lend moral support. It meant a lot to me.
Thanks again,
Tom Crosson, Nils Wygant

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