My UDAP Story

I got my first can of UDAP spray on a visit to Mark’s ranch outside Bozeman MT.  I did a days work on the ranch & some time preparing the cans for shipping.  At the end of the day he fed me and my buddy well and we dove into his very cold little pond.  I took a can of bear spray as payment.

Since then, over the years I’ve owned 7 or 8 cans of UDAP bear spray.  I’ve only used it once in self-defense.  The target was a Scottsdale AZ Bear (that means a young wealthy guy driving a hummer and having road rage on the freeway).

For some reason the guy was dodging around me on the freeway.  I or someone must have done something to set him off?  So I took the next exit ramp, planning to wait for the light & get back on and never see him again. He followed me to the red light and exited his Hummer & approached my Corolla.  I cracked the window to see what his issue was.  He promptly spit at my face and landed a good lugie in my left eye and while yelling & threating me punched the window so hard I can’t believe it didn’t break. I reached for my can of UDAP spray with my right hand (across my lap) by the time I came up he had retreated several feet.  However he was still wielding something in his hand.  Could have been a Tazer or firearm or pepper spray or who knows.  I couldn’t tell with the spit in my eye. I opened the car door & took a good 1 sec spray to the head.  He retreated   to the open door of his hummer.  The window was open so when his head popped up I got off another 1 or 2 sec blast. The light turned green as I got back in my car & I drove away.

The bottom line , Thank God I had a non lethal alternative , option B was 40 CAL SW side arm.

Without the bear spray, one or both of us would have been seriously injured…

I wanted to thank you for making UDAP bear spray.   My husband and I had an encounter with a male grizzly bear last fall.  Without the bear spray, one or both of us would have been seriously injured.  We were fishing at Brooks Lake above Dubois, WY.  We were only a 15 minute walk from our vehicle and could see the parking lot from our fishing spot.   We had been fishing a point out on the lake for about an hour when we notice the willows moving.  Then a bear’s head popped out.  We backed up slowly, removed the safety from our spray and didn’t make eye contact with the bear.  He went back into the willows and we began packing up our gear.   All of a sudden he popped up behind me and stood up on his rear legs.   He began making a huffing sound. Without thinking I raised my arm and sprayed a good shot of UDAP.  He dropped to the ground and crawled off.  We were able to make it safely back to our vehicle and watched for him to appear out of the willows. He walked around for a few seconds then jumped onto the lake and started to swim.   I wanted to let people know the spray works and is easy to use.           I will always take it with me when I am in bear country.  Thanks for making this product.  Without it I would never feel safe going back to Brooks Lake.