“When I looked up, there was a sow grizzly charging hard…”

Thanks UDAP, you saved me!  I was mountain biking up Tepee Creek just north of Yellowstone Park when I had a run in with a sow and two cubs.  I was almost to the ridge between Tepee and Buffalo Horn, when I heard a repeating grunting sound.  When I looked up, there was a sow grizzly charging hard at about 25 yards with two yearling cubs at her heals.  I jumped off my bike, and went for my UDAP spray in my Camelback.  Thank god, she bluffed me once.  She came within one stride of me and started to loop around before I could even get my hands on my spray.  She made about a 30-foot loop, which gave me just enough time to get my spray and have it ready.  When she came back at me, I let her have it in the face at about 10 feet.  She stopped dead in her tracks, turned, and ran.  I am almost sure I wouldn’t be writing this to you if it weren’t for your spray.
Thanks again, you have a great product! –  Ben Macht

“The bears saw me at about the same time I saw them…”

While hiking in Grand Teton National Park near Bradley Lake , I suddenly came upon a black bear sow and two cubs.  This occurred at the top of a knoll. The sow and cubs were partially hidden in some undergrowth. The bears saw me at about the same time I saw them. The cubs immediately ran away and down a slight hill.           The sow, which I would estimate at weighing about 300 lbs, growled and ran toward me. She stopped about 10 feet away, lowered her head, and began swing it from side.

I was carrying trekking poles, and threw them down in front of her as a distraction. I slowly backed away. She stepped over the poles and followed me for several yards. She continued to follow me for several more yards as I backed away (about 50 yards in all).  At this point, I brought out my container of UDAP and fired a short burst at her face.  This was from about 10 feet. The sow shook her head and seemed distracted.  I immediately put more distance between us.  When I turned around, she was gone.

I am very glad I was carrying a container of UDAP that morning.  I believe it saved me from physical harm as well as several other hikers who were not carrying any protection. I want you to know that your product worked very well.  Thanks again and be assured that I will always carry UDAP when I am hiking in bear country and will tell others to do the same.

Cordially,   Garry Lineback

” I have used it effectively on bear, moose, elk, coyote, and one domesticated range bull…”

Gentleman, Wanted to thank you for such a fine product again and again. I am 3/4 way through my 3rd 9.2oz can of spray, and I have used it effectively on bear, moose, elk, coyote, and one domesticated range bull. No other pepper spray comes close for effectiveness, reliability and good insurance. I am a wilderness guide in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming and hike 5-7 miles daily from mid April thru September.

I will be returning to the Bighorns in northern Wyoming in mid April for good, as I lived there for 25 years and spent 10 seasons as a wilderness guide. I cover a lot of area an have many encounters with all the wild animals I love.

I should state that I go out of my way to avoid any dangerous situation. I don’t use the spray unless it is unavoidable. I always try to keep the wind at my back and take that into consideration every day except when I photograph big trophy animals. Here is a picture in the back ground is the Little Bighorn River Valley where 500 + elk are all summer and autumn.

Thanks again for a great alternative to using a firearm. Kind Regards,   – Douglas Z.